December 19, 2012

Hong Kong: Chef Mickey’s Restaurant

One of the things that I really look forward to staying in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is the breakfast so we woke up early and bought breakfast coupon. 

Actually, we’re the first guests inside Chef Mickey’s Restaurant.

There are several choices of food but not that much and the taste is just ok, nothing special. 

We’re eating so slowly because we’re waiting for the Disney characters, we’ve been waiting for almost an hour but I can’t see any Disney characters so we asked and to my disappointment, there are no Disney characters during breakfast. Waah, I was really sad because I’d been waiting for that moment and I was really excited for my son.

I thought we can meet and greet Chef Mickey in Chef Mickey’s Restaurant but the Disney characters are in Enchanted Garden Restaurant. Another epic failure and this mistake is not cheap because I paid $HK474 (P2607) for this breakfast and my son only ate one Mickey Mouse banana bread and one Mickey Mouse waffle.

This is what I’ve read so I really have no idea that there is a specific meal and time na nandun si Chef Mickey and breakfast time is excluded.

Chef Mickey “The biggest superstar talent there is, Mickey Mouse, invites you to enjoy an international buffet in Mickey’s style! Immerse in Disney’s world of animation while you meet the star Chef Mickey and delight in delicacies from around the globe that he has specially prepared. Don’t forget your cameras for capturing your special moments with Mickey!”

Lesson learned: Ask first if Disney characters are present before buying a meal coupon and read carefully. 

Anyway, sharing the food that we’ve tried. 


  1. ay sayang naman! Everything charge to experience sabi nga nila hehe.

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Mahal pa namn ng bayad wala namn pala si Mickey! Cute ng mga mickey shaped food!

  3. the mickey mouse waffles are cute. the interior decor of restaurant looks like a las vegas lounge. maybe the dishes were designed for their main customers--the kids--by Chef Mickey himself.

  4. Were you early? Parang wala masyadong tao. =)

  5. i liked it naman there :) pero na-try din namin yung may mascot appearance nung 2nd visit namin sa disneyland, we checked in sa kabilang hotel.

  6. mukhang masasarap naman kinain nyo eh:)