March 25, 2013

Day Trip at La Luz Resort

My mom and aunt flew in from Norway; they wanted to have a family outing so I became busy looking for a resort where we could spend our summer outing. I started my search a month ago and it wasn’t easy because all resorts that I inquired were already fully booked and some resorts were not replying.

It was stressful because it was hard to look for a resort that can accommodate 36 people. I was running out of time so I suggested availing a day trip package instead of an overnight stay. Finally, after 10 days of waiting La Luz replied but unfortunately no more rooms available so I just book for day trip package.

Day Trip Package 8-5PM

P850 per person which includes entrance fee, lunch, afternoon snack and use of the resort facilities.
Kids 8 yrs old below are free for the food but still counted for the room accommodations.
50% down payment. Bring the original deposit slip.
Day Trip requires a reservation and no walk-ins

I included breakfast in our package for an additional of P200 per head because for sure we’re all hungry by the time we reach the resort.

Upon arrival, they gave us welcome drinks while waiting to be served. I listed down all our names and plate number of the vehicles. Then they assisted us to our Cabanas, to the office where I need to pay the other 50% payment and lastly buffet table for our breakfast. Actually, we won’t be lost because there is printed name “’Reserve for...on our Cabanas and breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, kids immediately jump in the water while I’m enjoying my nook here.

As early as 11:30AM, the staff called our attention that lunch is ready so we immediately fall in line. Hehe!

After lunch, the kids swim again and take a bath before merienda time.

Enjoying our stay in Cabana while waiting for 5PM. #sinulitangdaytrip Thanks for the treat! #momandaunt


1. Everything is organized, from the reception up to buffet table.
2. The service is good and they always assisted us.
3. Kids 8yrs old below are free of food.
4. Buffet style of food


1. It took them forever to reply on my inquiry through text and email. My sister even called them and they just said “Fully booked na kami til May, sabay baba ng phone” #bastos. Actually, I was not expecting for a good service anymore when we reached the resort but good thing ok ang service nila dun. They just need to improve the way they answer thru emails, phone and SMS.
2. No swimming pool.

La Luz Beach Resort and Spa
Brgy. Hugom, San Juan Batangas
Fax +632 748-8196
Mobile +63 (927) 993-8417 +63 (916) 394-4367

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  1. Ayos!... big advantage sa food... day trip must be tiring, lalo na sa mga drivers tapos busog at nagswimming pa sila... nakakaantok sa byahe. hehehe!

    good to know you enjoyed your family outing :)

    1. hindi nagswim ang mga drivers, si ariel lang yata pero sandali lang. bitin talaga pag day trip.

  2. stressed, but wonderful family time:)

  3. they should improve on their customer service. hindi dahil fully booked na till may eh ganun na di ba :(

  4. Hi! Ask ko lang if the cabanas are first come-first serve to all daytrips guests?

    1. No, sila nagrereserve, it depends sa number of guest na nireserve mo. In our case, more than 30 pero 2 cabanas lang sa min.