March 26, 2013

Moving Up

It may sound cliché but time really flies so fast and I didn’t notice that we already finished one school year. My son graduated last Thursday and now ready to move up on next level. Can you believe that nakapagpatapos na kami ng Nursery and more years to come. Hehe!

When he started school I was scared and nervous because I’m not sure if this is the right time to enroll him and I’m not sure if he is really ready but I know I have to accept the fact that he is no longer a baby. 

The start was not easy; my son was excited to go to school but not inside the room. He just wanted to stay in the playhouse.  He was not interested in doing his assignment especially the writing and reading part. Reviewing for his exam is not his thing so it was really a challenge as a mom. But now, I’m happy and proud to say that he changed and improved a lot. If there’s “Most Improved Student” award, I will give it to my son.

I was surprised to see my son participating in all their activities such as Linggo ng Wika, United Nation, Halloween, Christmas Party, and Family Day. He was so happy singing and dancing. I was really surprised because my son is such a shy boy so seeing him performed in school was a big leap. Little by little his self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills were developing. 

Tribute to Parents. Napaiyak ako dito kahit narinig ko na yung song sa practice. hehe!
One of the things that scared me is the pressure; it seems that most people (family + friends) I know were expecting that my son will get a medal. As a mom, I wanted my son to receive an award; there are only three awards in their school, Outstanding, Deporment and Merit Award so I was a little bit sad when he did not get any award. But I have to remind myself “Grades don`t measure intelligence, and age doesn`t define maturity”.

I’ve realized that my son doesn’t need to give me an award to prove himself because I’ve seen his hardwork all throughout the school year. I know how hard it is for him to learn how to write, read and memorize his lessons. Ethan, always remember that I’m happy and proud of you and I love you with or without award. Now, I know you are “Ready for the Whole New World”

The first day for you and me
Who would have thought that we would be?
Just like a family
We all joined hands and helped to and understand
As the years gone by
Funny how time just by

Now you got all you need from me but your ABC’s
You can read and write your 123’s
Now you’re ready, ready for a whole new world

Through all our up’s and down’s, the smile and frown
You still learn your letter sounds
Now you’re ready, ready for the whole new world

Now today is our last day
And soon you’ll be on your way
And though the year must end
You’ll remember when we were all bestfriends
As I watched you grow I will always know

Through all of our highs and lows
I’ve had a year to grow you
Taught me all I need to know
Now you’re ready, ready for a whole new world


  1. Time flies fast, indeed! Ako rin, di makapaniwala na school girl na baby ko. Hay!

    1. wow! for sure super busy ka na rin with school events. =)

  2. kaiyak naman. really misssed this Ethan, but there will be next time. Wowa loves you with or without award. I am realy proud of my poging apo:) Love youooooo!