June 21, 2013

First Week of School

At last first week of school was over and I could take a rest this weekend. My body is still adjusting with our schedules, tutor + school + household chores + blogging. I know this week has been very busy and stressful but I’m not complaining because I know in time I could adjust.

Back to my normal routine, I was waiting in school again because I can’t entrust my son in school service alone and I don’t want to go home because I’m saving my fare. #paranoidandkuripot.

I was reunited with my mommy friends in school and we had nonstop chatting about summer vacation. Most of our kids took swimming lessons, one kid enrolled in karate lesson and one kid took piano lesson. I guess piano lesson is the least summer activity that I will enroll Ethan because I couldn’t even afford cheap yamaha dgx 640 at WWBW.  Admit it, piano is so expensive plus you have to pay extra for the recital and the venue is in Alabang Country Club #social.

One kid still continues his swimming lesson and my mommy friend is convincing me to enroll my son too because the swimming class is every Saturday only. I love the idea but I don’t want to stress Ethan so much and I have to check my budget first.

Today is Friday and time for the assignment. 


  1. oh back to school na! good luck with the new schedule and I hope you won't get sick because of the rain.

  2. Good luck sis! Ajust adjust na naman tayo hihi... Natawa ako sa paranoid and kuripot lol. :D Si Meg school service starting next week, the same school service during her preschool, pero paranoid pa rin ako pag ganun.

  3. Sosy ng piano recital venue a. =)

  4. ugh! assignments on weekends?! - not a fan.. i love the term "mommy friends" :)

  5. Ang cute nmn ng pic ...... Aral aral para magnda ang kinabukasan