June 27, 2013

Three Food Catering Tips for the Perfect Office Party

Unless you’re blowing the budget on a corporate retreat, the food is likely going to be the centerpiece of your next office party. Whether you’re planning a working dinner or a friendly summer barbeque, you want to make sure you get the food right. Hiring professional food catering in Eugene is one way to do that.

If you’ve never worked with professional caterers before, follow these three tips to ensure your next office event is a successful one.

1.Plan Quality Portions

The first thing to decide is how much food you’ll be ordering. To do that, you’ll have to consider the likely size of individual portions.” Because most office parties are a “thank you” to employees or customers, you’ll want to be generous with portions.
For example, if you’re serving meat as a main course, plan on one-quarter to one-thirds pound per person. If you’ll also include hors d’oeuvres, anticipate that people will sample between four and six per person.

Follow similar portion sizes for vegetarian or gluten-free options.

2.Consider Desserts

If you’re having a full-course dinner, don’t skimp on dessert. This is especially true if you’re planning a Christmas party, which traditionally relies on rich dessert options ranging from sugar cookies to mince pies.

Even if you aren’t throwing a Christmas party, desserts are always welcome. If you’re throwing a themed party, this is another great chance to shine. For example, Mexican food can be complemented with flan, fried ice cream, and churros.

3.Tip Accordingly

Of course, your employees aren’t the only people you should be considering. You’ll also want to behave right to your caterer. Do so by leaving an appropriate tip.

Generally, you should tip about $1 per mile for a delivery fee. This is especially true considering modern gas prices. If your caterer delivered an especially large order requiring multiple trips, tip as high as 15 or 20 percent of the food’s cost.

Finding Quality Catering Services

Talk with your office manager about past caterers, or ask for recommendations from friends or family. If you have a favorite restaurant, ask if they do catering. If any of these options fail to produce results, seek out local listings for food catering in Eugene online.

With the proper care and attention, you’ll ensure your next office party is a success and that you, your employees, and your caterer will walk away satisfied.

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