June 03, 2013

What is Urinary Tract Infection or UTI

Six years ago I experienced severe abdominal pain, I thought it was just a simple pain that will go away if I will drink pain reliever, smear some liniment and take a good rest but I was wrong. I woke up and the pain was there but I still prepare for my work. 

I can’t tolerate the pain anymore so I went straight to the ER of Asian Hospital for consultation. I had CBC and Urinalysis and I found out that I have UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. It was new to me but the doctor told me that I just have to take antibiotics. They gave a sheet of information about UTI, how to treat and how to avoid but I misplaced it.

Anyway, according to mayoclinic.com, urinary tract infection is an infection in any part of the urinary system; this includes urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. It can be treated by taking antibiotics but serious consequences can occur if infections spread to kidneys. So whenever I feel abdominal pain, I always go to my doctor for a check-up.

Last Mother’s Day I visited my doctor because UTI attacked again. She prescribed me an antibiotic and advised me to undergo transvaginal ultrasound just to make sure that I have no lumps.

The following day, I had my ultrasound and the result was normal. I repeated urinalysis after 7 days but I still have an infection so she prescribed another antibiotic and advised to undergo urine culture.

I had urine culture and there’s no growth after 48 hours of incubation I repeated my urinalysis and thank God, no more urinary infection.

Well, UTI signs and symptoms may vary but in my case, abdominal pain is always my sign.

Signs and Symptoms of UTI

- strong, persistent urge to urinate
- a burning sensation when urinating
- passing frequent small amounts of urine
- urine that appears cloudy
- urine that appears red, bright pink, cola-colored – a sign of blood in the urine
- strong smelling urine
- pelvic pain in women
- rectal pain in men

How to prevent UTI?

- drink lots of water every day.
- urinate often.
- urinate right after having sex. (women)

My doctor also advised me to stop using pantiliners, as much as possible wear white undergarments and drink water and cranberry juice. 

Source: mayoclinic.com and wedmd.com

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