June 26, 2014

DIY Bag Tag

Bag tag is really important especially for preschool kids so they can easily identify their stuff. I remember when my son was in nursery, one of my mommy friend in school shared a story about “nagkapalitan ng baon. Her son’s classmate ate her son’s baon thinking that it was his baon. Hehehe! They have the same “Lightning Mcqueen Snack Bag”. After that incident teacher advised moms to inform their kids about their baon. 

So every year, I make sure that my son has a bag tag. Last month I was thinking if I will make my own bag tag or just order. Then I saw the bag tag of Thoughtful and Personal Creations so I order instead.  

Then few days after I ordered, I found this free printables bag tag, I checked the link and printed it. I used this for my son’s name tag in school. Click here to get the file. 

Update: May 2015