June 06, 2014

Dinner at D’ Banquet

I was clearing my photo folder and I saw our photos when we dined at D’ Banquet. I discovered this place when we were looking for Amira’s Buco Tart.

Last Mother’s Day we went to Tagaytay to have our dinner and decided to try the D’Banquet. According to the menu, “It is a fine dining, pasalubong center and events venue in the heart of Tagaytay.” We ordered the P99 steak, Sinampalukan na Native Chicken P150 and Ube Halaya P140. 

The steak was ok for its price, my husband and son enjoyed the sinigang while the ube halaya is just ok, we still prefer the Good Shepherd Ube. If you are looking for affordable meals in Tagaytay, I do recommend this because the price is inexpensive. #sulitmeals