June 01, 2014

Choosing School Bag

My son has been going to school for two years already but this year is my first time to buy a school bag. For the last two years, they only bring snack bag every day because they leave everything in school. The only time I see his notebook is every Friday and his books every exam. They just need a long envelope with a handle to carry those stuff.

But this year I have to buy a school bag because I transferred my son from Montessori school to Traditional school. We just bought my son school bag yesterday, we delayed it because we wanted to buy the books, notebooks and other supplies first so we can determine the size of the bag that he needs.

Honestly, I was really shocked when I saw the prices of school bags. Waah! It is really expensive and it can really hurt my budget. Most of the parents were looking at the character section but I went straight to the luggage section because I prefer non-character bags. I’m glad my son did not choose Lightning Mcqueen and Mickey Mouse bags even he saw those bags on our way to luggage corner.

I chose Hawk Bag because we have tried this brand before and according to study, this bag passed the US standard for consumer products so it means that it is durable and safe for everyday use. The bag contains undetectable traces of lead content, ranges from 5 pp to 42 ppm. There were only three colors available, red, blue and neon green and we chose the neon green because the two colors are very common.

Hawk Bag Features 

1. Ergonomic Design - I like the design because it is not that big, space is enough for the height of books and notebooks. The size is suitable for my five-year-old son.
2. It has a shoulder strap with dual density foam if you don’t want to drag it.
3. Heavy-duty zipper
4. Multi-organizer
5. Weather resistance - if it rains, you can use the cover to protect the bag. 6.Lock Stitch Technology 7. A common problem of this bag is when it is heavy, it tends to fall but Hawk bag has a solution, you can pull the bottom part so it will balance the weight.

The bag includes a free water bottle and sandwich bag at the side. We bought it at the regular price of P2499.75. How about you, how do you choose your bag?

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