July 18, 2014

Our Typhoon Glenda Experience

I’ve been checking weather forecast since Sunday because of the impending typhoon Glenda. I’ve been hearing stories na parang Yolanda or Milenyo daw sa lakas so I was checking for the typhoon signal. I felt that I was prepared for the typhoon because we’re done with our grocery last Saturday, bought our weekly menu in the wet market last Sunday and still went to the grocery last Monday sa mga kulang pa. While waiting for class suspensions announcement, I was also preparing for my son’s assignment like 1x1 picture and smart casual attire for his graduation portrait. 

We live in Cavite but I transferred my son in one of the school's in Binan so I have to check the class suspension in Laguna. Unlike in Cavite, mabilis si Gov. Remulla magtweet ng class supsension. Now, I’m still searching kung sino ba ifollow ko to know the class suspension immediately. No classes last Tuesday because Laguna was under Signal 1. Weather was still fine though there were occasional rainshowers. During our dinner, my husband said, nakakatakot sa labas sobrang tahimik. Which is true, wala hangin and wala malakas na ulan. I checked for class suspensions again, no classes again all levels in Cavite and Laguna because we’re under Signal 2. 

After dinner, we do our usual routine without knowing that after few hours, typhoon Glenda will strongly hit Cavite. At 1AM , I was awakened by the howling wind outside and I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep anymore. No more electricity around 2AM. I filled our water buckets with water para may ipon kami kahit konti. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this kind of wind so I was thinking na hindi ito Signal 2. Before 6AM, I decided to prepare for our breakfast and no more water supply. We only have 3 buckets of water plus 3 bottles (5 gallons) of mineral water to survive. No telephone lines and internet and our phone wasn’t fully charged except for the Ipad (prepared ang anak ko at nagcharged). We used one cellphone of my husband to check for news in FM radio. Thank God for the pocket wifi so we could check news online. We found out na Signal 3 na nga kami and the eye of the storm was in Cavite. 

I was praying hard for God’s protection and I was glad when the wind calmed around 10AM. I was thankful that our house was fine, our tree and plants were ok, though halos maubos na ang dahon. Some of our neighbors were affected, natanggalan ng bubong, nasira gate and naputol puno. At 4PM we decided to go out. We went to gas station para magpagas and bought some snacks in McDonalds.

Seeing the aftermath, I remembered my experienced last July 2011, no elec, water and internet and my husband was in Shanghai so ang hirap. I was thankful na kasama ko siya ngayon. I felt na matataglan pa ang black out sa dami ng natumba na puno so I cooked everything inside our freezer, drank the opened fresh milk, ate the yogurt etc. And that time parang nagsisisi ako na naggrocery ako, imagine I need to cook 1kl of hotdog, 1kl of chicken, 1/2 kl of tapa, 1/2 porkchop, 1/2 liempo, pack of bacon and saugage. I just cooked chicken adobo and fried everything. #buffetbreakfast.

Anyway, I was glad that after 44 hours we now have electricity, water, phone lines and internet. Life is back to normal now. I just realized that no matter how I plan or prepare, I’m still not in control. Now I’m planning to buy water drum for future use, more batteries for flashlight, rechargable radio/light, powerbank and more candles. I will stock more paper plates and disposable spoon, fork and cups. Yan ginamit namin para wala hugasin. Ito na lang natira sa candles namin buti na lang nagkakuryente na. 

Just to make me feel good, iniisip ko na lang na wala ito sa mga Yolanda survivors. At least kahit walang electicity, water, landline and internet we’re staying in our house. How about you?


  1. Thank God! You are all safe!

  2. Naku, same here pero buti na lang may water kami pero we only had electricity at 2AM na ng friday ay nawalan ulet ng kinahapunan. We should still be thankful na di ganun yung damage kaysa sa Yolanda.

  3. Exactly, I can't really complain. I still have a house, there was no flooding. Everyone in the family was not harmed. We have food and water.