August 22, 2014

Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen

I first learned about California Pizza Kitchen when HSBC had a promo but since Alabang Town Center is far from where I live and I don’t know if their pizza is yummy, I did not redeem the free pizza using my credit card slip.

Every time we go to Alabang Town Center I always see this restaurant but it was only last Sunday that we tried this restaurant after my lab test in Healthway. 
Since it was our first time we just availed the P999 promo + P120 for 1 pitcher of iced tea. The promo includes your choice of salad, pasta, and pizza. The meal is good for 3 to 4 persons. 

While waiting for the order, my son was preoccupied with the “Create your Own Pizza” activity. The activity is nice because it is not the usual coloring activity. 

He took it home and asked me to cut the pizza. Hehehe! 

Since I don’t eat salad, my husband ate everything. I tasted the pizza and pasta and bigla ko nanghinayang. Masarap pala food sa CPK. Waah, I should redeemed the free pizza. 

I don't eat olives but I enjoyed the olives of this pizza, wala after taste. I could say that the P999 promo is worth it.

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  1. yep. masarap food sa CPK. have tried it sa greenhills and sa bgc.
    Anyway, advance happy birthday Michi!
    Wish you good health, more travels, love and happiness. :)

  2. My favorite CPK pizza is the chicken one. Come to think of it, it's been a long time since I've eaten there. Hindi pa nga ata ako married nun and my mom paid for the bill pa, haha. Maybe we should go bring the kids there sometime. :)

  3. CPK is a nice pizza place but I don't frequent it kase sometimes naasiman ako and medyo pricey sya for the size of the pizzas but of course, I still eat there from time to time for the ambiance. hehe

  4. I love CPK, we always go to the Greenhills branch. I love their big servings :)

  5. It looks like an unconventional and interesting activity for kids.

  6. Love CPK! The food's the best. Plus their iced tea's a guilty pleasure of mine (lalo na kasi bottomless! Hehehe!) But I try not to eat there often kasi medyo heavy tlaga yung food. If it were a perfect world, I could eat there everyday and not gain an ounce. Hehehe! =)

  7. Love CPK! I need a buddy lang with me who has a big appetite para mabilis maubos ang pagkain!

  8. I love CPK! But it has been a while since we last ate there. Whenever we go, I always order the mushroom ravioli. Super yummy!