February 08, 2015

Where are you Going to Celebrate Valentines’s Day?

Valentine’s day is not a big thing to us after we got married because it is just a few days away from our wedding anniversary. So most of the time we always have a simple celebration like having dinner at home. We don’t want to stress ourselves with the traffic and waiting for our turn for dinner at the restaurant. 

But this year, February 14 falls on a weekend so I was thinking “where are we going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”I was writing my possible choices. 

1. Hotel Staycation 

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you know for sure that our family loves staycation if budget permits. Yesterday, I discover a new hotel in Intramuros and I immediately reserved a room but unfortunately, it is already full booked. #sadness. Intramuros is one memorable place because this is the place where I said “yes” to my ex-boyfriend now husband and we got married in Intramuros too. 

2. Concert 

I’ve been seeing a lot of concert in my newsfeed and it’s been a long time since we’ve watched a concert but I don’t know if my son would appreciate it. Yes, we always celebrate with my son. Hehehe! 

3. Visit Hot Air Balloon Festival 

I’ve learned that 19th Hot Air Balloon Festival would be on Feb 12-15, 2015 so it is really nice to revisit the place. The first and last time that we attended Hot Air balloon Festival was year 2009.  

4. Night Sky Cinema

If you remember my post last year, we experienced Night Sky Cinema in Nuvali and this year, they will have this activity again on February 14, 2015. Admission is free. 

5. Day Tour

If traffic won’t be an issue, we could also have a day tour somewhere.  

6. Lunch/Dinner 

My last choice is to eat special lunch or dinner in a restaurant or hotel that we haven’t tried yet. 

Hmmm, I have few more days to plan it. How about you, how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


  1. we're thinking of attending that hot air balloon festival also as our way of celebrating pur first valentines as husband and wife. entrance fee is 300 pesos right?

  2. We are going to celebrate it as a family and at the hot air balloon festival!! I am sure my kids (and us,parents of course!) would be ecstatic to see those lovely balloons! :)

  3. Me and my wife and kids will have a busy Valentine's day. First, we are off to a kiddie party then at night, in an overnight party (for adults only) :). Happy Valentine's day!

  4. I'll celebrate at home with my kids since hubby is on duty.

  5. I'll be working that day but maybe we can go out for dinner on Friday with hubby and kids. There's nothing sweeter than being with your family on Valentines.:)