March 16, 2015

Hang It Up: Stylize Your Home with Amazing Artwork

Hanging art on your walls is a great way to decorate your home and also reflect your personal taste and style. The artwork you choose for your walls can help transform your space into a home, a place you love to be. The following tips will provide you with ways to stylize your setting with artwork you enjoy. 

Types of Art 

Today, homeowners enjoy a wide array of venues where they can shop for art and wall décor. Museum shops, art galleries, online poster stores, antique shops, and popular stores like Bed Bath & Beyond offer shoppers collections of art for their homes. Yet art isn't merely confined to canvas and framed works. Many people artfully deck their walls with photographs, prints, unframed canvases, wall sconces, vinyl décor, and even textiles. You can even showcase special collections on your walls̶ everything from African masks to Old West memorabilia.

Hanging Art 

To hang art, you'll need special hangers designed for the medium you plan to showcase. You may need a drill along with a hammer, nails, or screws. A level can also ensure that you hang your art so that it appears perfectly level to the eye. A tape measure is also helpful and allows you to measure out the ideal spot to place your nail and hang your artwork. If you aren't sure about how to accurately hang a picture, you can find online tutorials on sites like YouTube.

Tips to Hang Art

When you have multiple works to hang on your wall, it's a good idea to place them on the floor first. You might want to trace their placement on your wall using tape or chalk so that you can see precisely how they'll appear before you drill holes into your walls. Some people will even create templates of their art out of cardboard to hang on the walls. This allows them to rearrange the works easily before deciding on a final positioning. 

You'll also want to consider lighting when you hang your artwork. A dark setting can prevent people from appreciating your art. On the other hand, sometimes lighting can create an unwelcome glare for your glass-framed pieces. For works of fine art, you might wish to highlight them with additional lighting or place them between decorative wall sconces. 

Location Considerations 

You can hang art anywhere in your home, but you should take care to avoid hanging expensive works in areas like kitchens or bathrooms where moisture could detract from the condition of the artwork. Typically, you will want to hang art at eye level so it can be enjoyed by you and the people who visit your home. Often, people make the mistake of hanging art too high on their walls. 

You can hang art in many different places, even surprising places. Hanging an artwork above your bed, for instance, can be a great focal point for your bedroom and also set the tone of the room's overall décor. If you aren't sure where to hang your artwork, look online to see how designers and other homeowners hang art. 

Art can say a lot about your sense of style, but it can also simply be used to create a welcoming setting for family and friends. You can use these tips to enhance your home with art that you enjoy. Joni Whitman enjoys a great piece of artwork. An avid decorator and writer, she enjoys sharing what she finds by posting on the web. You can read her articles mainly on home improvement and DIY websites.

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