March 19, 2015

My First Shopping Experience at Zalora

Zalora is an online fashion retailer that offers different products for both men and women such as apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, and even beauty products. It started in the Philippines three years ago but it was only last month that I tried shopping at Zalora.

I’m not into online shopping because I prefer to see the products so I can fit them. I’m not really comfortable using my credit card online and I dislike waiting for my package to arrive. But it doesn’t mean that I have zero experience when it comes to online shopping. I had several experiences in online shopping, some are good and some are not. 

Anyway, I received Zalora Voucher last month so I immediately check Zalora website and see what I can buy for my voucher. I learned that Zalora offers Cash on Delivery, which is a really good payment option.

Since it was my first time and I was not reading carefully, I made mistake in placing my order because I proceed to check out without entering my voucher code. Waah! I don’t really have a budget for shopping, the only reason why I’m shopping is that I have a free voucher. 

So I immediately checked how I could cancel my order, I emailed customer service but I can’t wait for the reply anymore because it was 5PM so I called customer service and I was glad that the rep was able to cancel my order. I was told that I will receive an email regarding the canceled order. 

I placed my order again. I ordered Feb. 27, Friday at past 5PM. Then I received my order March 2, Monday. I put in shipping information that I can only receive the package from Monday to Friday. 

The package includes an order return slip because Zalora offers free returns within 30 days. And because I was satisfied with my experience, I checked their website again and start adding items to my wishlist. 

I bought 3 items last March 5 and used my last free voucher + COD for the excess amount, P143.75. I received the items the following day, March 6, Friday. I just handed the money to the courier which is XEND. 

I checked my order and I was glad that all my clothes fit me so I don’t have to return anything. 


1. The Zalora website is easy to use. 

2. When I had a problem with my order, it was fixed immediately.
3. Zalora offers different payment options including COD or Cash on Delivery. 
4. Free shipping above P995. 
5. Free return within 30 days.
6. Zalora informs the customer regarding the status of the order. I was receiving notifications via SMS or email. 
7. Even I have a provincial address, I received my order the following day. 


1. I received P250 voucher as a welcome gift and P100 voucher for subscribing to their email list but the voucher is only valid for 1 week, very limited time. 

2. I can only use one voucher at a time so I was not able to use the P250 voucher and P100 voucher, I tried to add the voucher code to my Order Wallet but nothing happened.

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June 2016

I need to attend my friend's wedding and I'm looking for clothes in the mall but I could not find anything that I like. Thank God for Zalora, I was able to browse their online catalog and was able to buy formal clothes for the event. Since I don't have a voucher, I paid via Paypal. Next-day delivery again. Yey!

August 2017

Since it is my birthday month and my mom gifted me shopping money. I checked the Zalora site and looked for clothes. I ordered clothes, paid via Paypal and was able to receive my order the following day.

January 2018

I saw the "Up to 80% promo" of Zalora so I immediately checked their site. I was able to buy 4 pieces of tops for P1096 only. From P899 to P249 only so I bought the 3 colors of  Love Scalloped Cami. (black, pink and white) and 1 Carmi Top at P349. For the very first time, hindi siya next day delivery. I ordered January 3 and I received my order January 5.

October 2018

From time to time, I browsed Zalora website and I add the clothes that I want to my wishlist. I just wait for the clothes to markdown so I can buy them. Last week, I received an email that the clothes that I want are in the sale so I immediately bought the clothes. I add Tresemme Shampoo so I can avail of the free shipping.

Zalora Ruffle Wrap Top
Zalora Studio Puff Sleeves Shirt
Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth 

I was expecting that I will receive my order the following day because I received a message that they already shipped my order, the same day that I placed my order. But I was wrong, hindi na siya next day delivery pala.

October 4, 2018 -  order and paid via Paypal
October 6, 2018 - received my order

I was surprised when they deliver my package last Saturday because I have noted that Monday to Friday delivery only. I checked my package and nandun nga yung note, maybe the delivery guy fails to read it. Anyway, it was my first time to receive my order in a box at may dangerous goods label pa. I just added shampoo lang naman. May free shampoo din ako. :)

Good thing okay naman packaging ng shampoo so walang natapon. But I was sad because for the very first time, hindi nagkasya sa akin yung isang blouse. Well, kasya naman, mukha lang ko suman at hindi ako hihinga. I know I can return it but I decided not to return, baka need ko na magdiet ulit. hehehe! I gained 2 kilos e. Waah! Diet para masuot ko ang damit.

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