April 30, 2015

Cebu’s Lechon

Cebu is not only known for famous tourist spots and Sinulog Festival but it is also popular because of lechon. Lechon is skewered whole pig roasted over charcoal. Do you know that Cebu is even considered as “Lechon Capital of the World” so if you are going to visit Cebu, don’t ever leave without trying this dish. 

Where to Eat Lechon? 

There are several lechon makers in Cebu but so far I’ve tried three different lechon. I’ve only visited Cebu twice so most of the time I can eat this from pasalubong. My husband knew that I love Cebu’s lechon so he always buy lechon when he has business trip there. #whenincebu

1. Cebu’s Ayer Lechon - it offers both classic and spicy lechon but so far I’ve only tried the classic one. They have a branch in Mactan International Airport so you can still buy this for pasalubong. 

2. CnT Lechon - when you are in Cebu, CnT Lechon is the most recommended lechon maybe because it is considered as the crunchiest of Cebu’s lechon and it has several branches all over Cebu.

We ate at CnT Lechon when we’re in Cebu and most of the time this is my husband’s pasalubong. 

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3. Zubuchon - this is the third lechon that I’ve tried and Cebu became more famous because Anthony Bourdain’s declared that it is “Best pig ever!”. This is also my breakfast later because my husband just came back from Cebu business trip.

Update: April 2016 

4. Cebu's Best Rico's Lechon - I've been meaning to try Rico's Lechon because of the good review of Kris Aquino when I watched it in one of the Kris TV episodes. So finally, I visited Cebu last April 2016 and I included it my food trip. But the Lechon did not meet my expectation. 

I cannot say which lechon is better because for me, they are all yummy. But I want to try more brands of lechon in Cebu. Care to share your favorite lechon in Cebu.


  1. In 2011, we went to visit Cebu, it was my first (and still my first time to date! haha) and I agree, their lechon are the best! Mapa-lechon manok or lechon baboy pa.

  2. I'm hearing raves regarding Cebu's Lechon and I want to try lechon there.

  3. I have to refer to your list if ever we would set foot in Cebu. This post just made me hungry!

  4. Oh my Lechon! If not only for the cholesterol, i will definitely go with it and eat it at each and every time I can.

  5. Nakamiss din kumain ng lechon!

  6. I've only tried Zubuchon from this list. Next time, I'll try CNT naman.

  7. I went to Cebu last year. I was there for a month. I already tried the other two. So next time, I will visit Cebu’s Ayer Lechon. Thanks for sharing!

  8. While looking at the photos, I realized that I have tasted them all! Shucks, I need my lechon fix now.

  9. Wanna try all those yumminess! Especially the second one. I love crunchy!