April 26, 2016

Lunch at Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon

I always watch Kris TV so that is where I learned about Rico’s Lechon. So every time my hubby will go to Cebu, I always tell him to buy Rico’s Lechon but he always buys different lechon kung ano yung nasa airport because of limited time. 

So when we went to Cebu that was my chance to try Rico’s Lechon. I faced my fear and took a cab just to go to the restaurant. It was an achievement for me because that was our first time to ride taxi na kaming 2 lang ng anak ko. 

Prior to our trip, I searched for the nearest Rico’s Lechon from Marriott Hotel and there is one near Ayala but the taxi dropped me here. It is not the branch that I’ve seen on the internet but it was fine with me, at least nakarating kami.

Ethan: Mommy, lechon na naman.

Me: Ikaw nga puro pork bbq sa dinner. :)

It was past 11AM so the restaurant was not crowded yet, I browsed the menu and I ordered 1/4 regular lechon P190, rice is P30 each and bottomless iced tea is P65. I was planning to buy dinuguan for my puto (yes dinala ko yung puto ko sa Cebu, lol) but I told myself na tikman ko muna food. 

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At the table, you can see the plates and utensils. The server just gave us sili and calamansi for sawsawan but we did not use it because that is the reason why I love Cebu’s lechon, no need for sauces. 

They serve the rice, ang cute noh! One cup of rice is inside the small kaldero. I posted in IG kung makakailan kaldero kaya kami? Yun pala, hindi na. hehehe!

I don’t know why it took them so long to serve the lechon, e non-stop naman sa paghiwa yung staff. When I saw the skin of the lechon, I have the feeling na hindi siya crispy. True enough, makunat siya and my son who loves lechon skin said, ayaw mommy, chewy yan. 

I was so disappointed because the skin was not crispy and it is salty. The meat was dry, tough and walang lasa. So nasa skin lang ang alat? You cannot choose the lechon part and ayaw ko pa naman nitong part na ito. Malamig na rin yung lechon, tira na lang yata naabutan ko na pinagsama-sama para maging 1/4. (di maintindihan na hiwa) 

I just finished our meal because the price is not cheap. Napaisip lang ako kasi super puri si Kris sa lechon but there is nothing special about it. It is not bad but if I will consider the price, dapat mas ok siya sa iba. Mas ok pa rin yung experience ko sa CnT Lechon. And because of that, I did not order dinuguan anymore.

But in fairness, the service of the staff is good naman. Yun lang, I did not appreciate the lechon.

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           CnT Lechon

Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon 

F. Cabahug St, Cebu City, Cebu


  1. Ohhhh. it is sad you did not enjoy your lechon....

  2. ouch! kung makapuri pa naman si Tetay jan wagas.. yun pala waley. :/
    pic pa lang kita ng makunat un balat.

    1. True, wagas talaga makapuri kaya nakakadisappoint pagdating mo di naman pala.

  3. OMG, I've tasted Rico's Lechon but it was the exact opposite of your experience sis. Sobrang sarap and 'yung skin hindi makunat. I wonder what happened during your visit. Mukhang dry nga yung meat sa picture. Tsk tsk

    1. Dinayo ko pa naman siya, sayang taxi ko. lol Yes dry and makunat siya, sana lang consistent sila sa quality ng food. :(