June 16, 2015

Haircial Treatment at Dermclinic

I admit that I have very little knowledge when it comes to beauty products and services. I’m not really updated on what’s new so it was only last month that I’ve learned about haircial treatment. I joined a blog giveaway and I was lucky to win 2 gift certificate to try haircial treatment at Dermclinic. 

We took advantage the holiday last Friday and went to Alabang Town Center. We’re supposed to watch Jurassic World first but no more seats available at 1:15PM so we went to Dermclinic to use our gift certificate.

I did not make any reservation but I was glad that they accommodated us. The only problem is, they only have one equipment for haircial treatment so I went in first. 

According to the flyer, medical haircial treatment is a specialized treatment created to thicken and nourish hair and scalp from the roots, strengthen the root system and hair structure, improve blood circulation to the scalp and promote a healthy environment for hair growth. 

The staff will ask what is your concern, they have treatment for anti-dandruff, anti-hairfall, and anti-white hair. I have scalp psoriasis so I chose anti-dandruff. 

The room is quite small and very little space to move, I’m glad that I don’t have claustrophobia. Since it was my first time, I was asking the staff the step by step and what she’s doing. Sharing to you my experience. 

1.First she washed my hair. 

2.Then she applied scalp cleanser and hair treatment.
3.After the application, my hair was steamed for 5 minutes only. The time is very limited because from what I’ve read, it should be 20 minutes to release toxins and stimulate sweating. 
4.After the steam, she hand massaged my hair. I was waiting for the hair massage machine but there was no machine. 
5.Next she washed my hair and blowered just to make sure that my scalp is dry. Then I went inside the PDT (photodynamic therapy) for 5 minutes to kill fungi or bacteria in my scalp. I’m used to this because I always experienced phototherapy for my psoriasis.
5.Lastly, the staff applied Fluoderm in the affected area. 

The haircial treatment lasted for less than an hour. I don’t feel anything during and after the treatment. I was expecting that my scalp will be massaged for blood circulation but the stafff was so hinhin na wala kami naramdaman. Lol

My experience was a little bit different compared to the blog that I’ve read or maybe it depends on the branch. Anyway, their service is good. They are kind, soft spoken and willing to answer all my questions. My husband availed the anti-hairfall and I don’t know step by step. 


Basement Level, Alabang Town Center 
Alabang Zapote Rd, Las Pinas City 


  1. Thats treatment and pampering in one, I cant wait to get my own pampering experience, it has been ages since i had one, hahaha. Ive never been to any Dermclinic but Ive heard a lot of good reviews about them regarding the treatments they offer:)

  2. I hope I could try this one in the future too! Pero sana yung di mahinhin yung staff na maaassign sakin. haha.

  3. I think I need this kind of treatment too! Too much white hair for my age. For sure it will be a relaxing experience too!

  4. I haven't tried this kind of hair pampering session. It sounds relaxing.

  5. I think I need the anti-hairfall treatment at Dermclinic.

  6. I need this kind of hair treatment soon. Congrats for winning!