June 01, 2015

How to Travel and Pay Less

There are millions of people who would love to travel but do not have endless amounts of cash to spend while they are doing it. Because of their limited finances, these people need to be more creative when they are planning their vacations. If you know the right tips and tricks, you can have a very nice vacation for a fraction of what most people would pay for the same trip. It is important to know these things if you are planning on visiting San Francisco. Here is how to travel and pay less to do it.

1. Choose cheap airlines to fly on

The airline you choose to fly on will play a huge role in determining how much you spend to travel on your trip. The fares that airlines charge can vary greatly. There is no sense in paying one airline hundreds of dollars more than another airline to take you to the same destination. This is why researching airfares before your trip is vital to helping you save money. Unbeknownst to many people, there are many airlines offering dirt cheap prices to fly abroad. For example, Air Asia offers one-way flights to many Asian destinations for only $20. This is ideal if you are visiting multiple cities in Asia. Norwegian Air has flights costing only $150 from both coasts of the United States to Europe in one direction. It is important to understand that these airlines have no frills, so if you are expecting the same type of service and features that you get when you fly on British Airways or Virgin Air, you will be disappointed. However, if you only care about getting to your destination for a cheap price, these airlines will do nicely.

2. Choose less expensive places to visit

There are some cities that are much more expensive to visit than others. This is just a fact of life. Therefore, if you are traveling on a limited budget, you need to be realistic about the places you can afford to visit. For example, cities such as Paris and London are very expensive. If you visit these cities, you will not be able to stay as long or see as much as you could in other places. You should consider countries like India, Australia, Russia, and Japan. All four of these countries have experienced a decline in the value of their currencies. This will make them more affordable for Americans. The economy of Greece is still in turmoil, also making it a destination where you can enjoy a very nice vacation without going broke in the process.

3. Use cards that do not charge any fees

If you use your ATM or credit cards a lot during your overseas excursion, you will most likely be paying a large amount of money in fees. These fees are charged by your bank or Credit Card Company every time you use your card in a foreign country. However, these fees can be completely avoided if you are using the right card. There are certain ATMs and credit cards that do not charge any fees for foreign transactions, or they will reimburse you for any fees that are charged. See if your bank offers one of these no foreign fee cards. If not, find one online and get it before you leave.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.


  1. Oh, I am always on the lookout for discounted fares so many of my vacations are planned ahead. I also try to avoid popular tourist spots because some of them can be tourist traps.

  2. sometimes it's good to find cheap and affordable deals but make sure they work since others can give you a real headache with their poor services.

    1. I agree, it pays to research for reviews and read the fine prints before purchasing a deal or coupon

  3. It's really a good finds if we booked earlier, discounted fares is way big if paid in advance. :)

  4. I too try to look out for discounted airfare or promotions before we plan for travel. They have some great bargains sometimes.

  5. Discounted fares and creating your own itinerary is way cheaper rather than hiring for a travel agency/tour services.