November 21, 2016

How to Save Money by Using your Credit Card

Reading the title alone, makes you raise your eyebrow. Seriously? How can you save money by using your credit card? I know that some people dislike credit cards because they may lead them to temptation but for me, I like having a credit card because I don’t need to bring a lot of cash. It is very useful if you have emergencies and have not enough funds. There are also perks if you have a credit card.

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If you have a credit card, read my personal tips on how you can save money.

1. Waive your Annual Fee 

The annual fee is not cheap so as much as possible I try to maintain one card only so less temptation and less annual fee. Every year, we call our credit card company to waive our annual fee, which is always granted.

But the time came that they don’t want to waive our annual fee, they only offered 50% which we accepted. But because of that, we decided to apply to other credit card companies and they always waive our annual fee, with no conditions, and no questions asked.

So we stopped using our old credit cards and we even called them to cancel the cards but they are offering now free annual fees, just don’t cancel the card. Weird noh?

There are cases where they want you to use your points to waive the annual fee. So I feel like I'm just saving points for the annual fee, what if my points are not enough? I stopped using that card too.

2. If possible, always use your credit card 

As much as possible I always use my credit card because I can earn ...

A. Points - points that I can use to redeem products. I was able to redeem stand fan using my points.


B. Cash Rebates - yes, cash rebates. You can earn a certain percentage when you use your cards in the supermarket, bills payment, and more. We use our points to pay for our bills.


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C. Miles - if you love to travel, earn more miles by using your credit card. Transfer these miles to your preferred airline, in our case we transfer them to Mabuhay Miles (Philippine Airlines).


D. FREE eGift Credits 

We are not aware of the existing promos so we were surprised when we received SMS stating that we have free eGift credits worth P10,000 that we can use to purchase eGift vouchers from any participating merchants.


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3. Save some centavos

As you will notice whenever we buy stuff or pay for meals, we don’t get an EXACT CHANGE. For example, I ate in one restaurant and my bill is P689.11, I gave them P1000 and I only received P310, I lost the P0.89 centavos. I understand if the cashier gave me P310.75 but she didn’t. I know it is just centavos but if it will happen every time I eat and buy stuff, those centavos can add to my savings.

4. Earn some pesos

In buying appliances or furniture, always ask if there are discounts if you will pay in cash. If there are no discounts, take advantage of the installment plan so you can earn some pesos. How? Several years ago, I bought my laptop on an installment basis, I have the money to pay the laptop in cash but I chose the installment plan. I only withdraw the amount that I need for the installment every month, in that way, my money is still earning interest in my savings account.

5. Promo 

Be updated with all the credit card promos. In the past, we were able to get FREE Starbucks Beverage, free meals from KFC and Yellow Cab, and Caltex gas rebate by just using our card. Sometimes free entrance fee at travel expos.

6. Discount 

Nowadays, there are so many discounts that you can avail of because your credit card companies have different partners. There are hotels, restaurants, and airline discounts that you can take advantage of. Several years ago we bought a gas range and the Service Staff informed us that if we will buy it using our card and avail of the installment promo, we can get an additional 2% discount.

7. Free Airport Lounge Access 

Traveling is costly if you have a long layover because you have to buy drinks and food. We all know that the foods and drinks at the airport are all expensive. So having a priority pass in airport lounges is a good perk because you can have comfortable seats, free food and drinks, free wifi, and many more. If you like to travel, choose a credit card that has free airport lounge access.

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8. Free Entrance 

There are a lot of travel fairs or travel expos that you can visit to score cheap airfare, discounted hotel or resort packages, and affordable tour packages. Sometimes you can avail yourself of the FREE entrance by showing your credit card. Just check the bank partners of the travel expo.

Sometimes you will not only get a free entrance but there is a special lane for you and if you are lucky, an early bird sale. You can get the first dibs of the sale, promo, and discount before the expo will be opened to the public.

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Here are my personal tips and hope this helps. Feel free to share your personal tips.

Note: Do not use your credit card if you do not have the money to pay your due. Be careful in using it to avoid hackers.

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  1. This is very timely. I need this reminder. :) I'm not into credit cards, but I do have one and I want to use it effectively. :)

  2. Credit cards are actually very useful just as long as we know how to use in avoiding unnecessary interest.

  3. There are advantages to having a credit card, according to a financial coach, and he said it's because you can easily track where your money goes. We can't wait to have our credit card restored. We had it cancelled until we've completed payments. I still have to study the benefits, for example, Mabuhay Miles. Honestly, I have to figure out how to maximise the benefits. Gusto ko sana, if card, card all the way. So it's easier to budget. I agree with losing coins. yes na yes! Minsan di naman talaga sinosoli ng kahera.

    1. True, it is so easy to track the expense. Yes, we just need to know the perks so we can maximize the benefits. :)

  4. My mindset before was that having a credit card is scary. But when I am already working and earning my own money, and that I already knew how disciplined I am when it comes to spending money, I applied for a credit card and fortunately got approved. It was on the right timing pa nga, kasi nabuntis ako that time. So I was able to use my card in purchasing stuff like baby items and appliances. Right now, I only use it when I do the grocery and for any home related expenses. And oh, for Uber and GrabCar rides din. It's a convenience for me, rather than a burden. My mindset is that - this credit card is for family use only and not for shopping sprees and luxuries. Haha! Andas of today, kaka-waive lang ulit ng annual membership fee ko! I am so happy. :D

    1. Yey to free annual fee. :) Agree, use it wisely and enjoy the benefits.

  5. I've been on and off with on whether to get a credit card or not. I get so afraid na baka ma tempt ako, just like many CC users. I want to be like you and my friend who are able to maximize the use of credit cards at hindi naging dahilan para mabaon sa utang.

    1. It is really tempting to use the credit card especially there are so many online shopping sites now. But you can set your credit limit, in our case pag tinataasan kami ng credit card company ng limit, we will call para babaan sa limit na alam namin na yun lang naman need namin.

  6. Super yes ako dito sis. We used to have 4 CCs. Grabe kapag due date na ng payment, waley na. Nasshort kami kaya naman we just maintained 1 CC now and we do all your tips above. And yes we can save using our credit card.

    1. It is really hard pag marami cc, mas ok yung one cc so you can track the expense.

  7. I don't have cc na since the last bad experience that I had. This is a great information to those have a lot of cc's. Mas maganda talaga kung limit lang ang gamit at wag lage iexpect na may pera kasi may cc lang.

    1. True, your credit limit is not an extra cash so control lang sa paggamit.

  8. Hi Michi, I just landed to a tweeter notification from you in my mailbox... and wow this post was 2 years ago. Anyway, manong Ariel mentioned this to me once before but I was not convinced, hehehe. I am in full cash and I use debit cards... not into using CC. In fact, my cc is just the one issued by the company. I am afraid in getting one coz i’m an impulse buyer and i tend to splurge in buying things (seldom for myself) but for my loved once. I think that I am not good in managing CC plus the extra task coz you need to think about due dates and payments. Debit cards now has almost the same function as Credit cards except that you can only spend on what you have... so debit cards works more for me. Swipe away!

    But this post will be helpful for the CC owners who don’t know all the benefits they can get. :)

    1. Wala ba convincing power? Hehehe! We’re opposite pala, I don’t like using debit cards because mahirap pag na double charged, nahihirapan din ako imonitor yung nababawas na amount and what if nahack ang ATM, baka di maibalik sa savings. To each his own. :) Yes, sayanv kung may cc sila pero hindi namamaximize ang benefits. :)