November 02, 2016

5 Unique Cemetery in the Philippines

Since today is exactly November 2, “All Souls Day”, I will be sharing with you the different cemeteries that we have visited in the Philippines. Four of the cemeteries are considered as tourist spots. 

1. Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin 

Sunken cemetery is located in Camiguin, the second smallest provinces of the Philippines. From the word itself, the cemetery is under the water so you can only see the cross in the middle of the sea.

The cemetery was buried when Mt Vulcan erupted in the year 1870. During low tide, the crosses of the tombs are visible. You can reach the cross by riding a small boat but we did not try it because they are charging P100 for the ride and alam niyo na, takot ko lang malaglag sa semeteryo. Hehehe! 

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2. Perpetual Pet Cemetery in Paradizoo 

Several years ago we visited Paradizoo, inside the farm is Perpetual Pet Cemetery. It was my first time to see a pet cemetery. Now, they are offering Pet Columbary too. 

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3. San Joaquin Cemetery in Iloilo 

During our 6th wedding anniversary, we went to Bacolod - Guimaras and Iloilo and before going back to Manila, I decided to visit the beautiful churches of Iloilo. I included Campo Santo or San Joaquin Cemetery in our itinerary. My husband was teasing me na pati ba naman cemetery nasa itinerary namin. Well, nandun na rin naman kami why not daaanan di ba. Hehehe! 

This cemetery is the most preserved cemetery in Iloilo. It is situated at one of the highest points of the town so you can see the seascape. It is along the hi-way so you will not miss it. 

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4. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery in Laguna

My grandmother used to live in Victoria, Laguna so every month we always visit her. Four years ago, we spent our Holy Week in her house and out of the blue my husband decided to go to Taytay Falls

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On our way to the falls, we saw the Nagcarlan Church and we dropped by. And because, we are already in Nagcarlan, my husband decided to go to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. 

It was established in the year 1845 below t. San Cristobal. Unfortunately, it's closed during Holy Week pala so we were not able to go inside, hanggang labas lang kami. 

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5. Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Sagada trip won't be complete without seeing the hanging coffins. You can see these coffins hanging on the cliff if you will take the Echo Valley Tour. Going down the cliff is not easy so my husband was the only one who went with our guide. My son and I stayed, we can already see the coffins from afar. 

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  1. Aww. The pet cemetery would bring too much 'feels'.. And we've been to Nagcarlan but I haven't visited the underground cemetery. It looks really spacious and clean.

  2. Oooh, how nice would it be to see those crosses come up the waters on low tide. But of course it's unfortunate for the relatives of those buried. Pero 1870 pa no? So maybe wala nang kamag anak now, but back then, they must have been devastated.

    The underground cemetery sounds interesting too, I'd love to see that.

  3. I only got to know about the Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin through Ouija movie. I was so amazed with it. Gusto ko syang ma-visit someday pero may takot pa din inside me. Haha

    1. Good thing I did not watch the Ouija movie kundi baka matakot din ako. :)

  4. I always dream to go to Camiguin because of the Sunken cemetery. Saka they have the most beautiful white sand beach daw. Wish to visit this place with the family someday.

    Mhaan |

    1. The White Beach in Camiguin is really nice, the sand bar shape changes. :)

  5. These are interesting cemeteries which I haven't heard of. Such a shame that I haven't been around much in my own country. But it will be a thrill to visit them - at daylight! :)

  6. I have never heard any of these cemetery at all! Pero in fairness kay Paradizoo, no, napaka thoughtful ng gawa nila. Ang galing. My virtual workmate told me about the nice churches in Iloilo and offered that when we go there daw, they'll tour us.

    1. Yes, there are so many beautiful churches in Iloilo, you may check my link above to give you an idea. :)