November 11, 2016

Origami for the Kids

When I was a kid, I was looking forward for holidays, semestral break and summer break because there is no classes. When I became a full time mom, I also look forward to no classes because I don’t need to wake-up early. Hehehe!

The problem of having no classes is, to make sure that my son is also productive. We have rules in the house that there will be no gadgets during weekdays so even it is school break, no Ipad. 

My son is okay with it as long as he can watch TV, so ako naman ngayon ang di makasingit sa TV. But I don’t let him watch the whole day because it is not good so I need to give him activities or hayaan siya mabored. (which is good daw so they can decide on what to do). 

My son likes folding paper, he always use my scratch paper in making airplanes. So when we went to Japan, I bought chiyogami paper at Daiso 108yen but it was only last week that I remembered about it. The paper is nice, there are 4 colors and two designs (stripes and polka dots). 

So I told my son that he can use the paper, he waited for his daddy so they can play with it. He knew that his dad can make paper crane and I can only make boat, polo, ball and airplane. Hehehe! He was happy with his paper crane.

The following day, he wanted me to make more paper crane. Since my husband left to Singapore, I have no choice but to get the Ipad so he can watch video tutorials under my supervision. 

I told him to choose origami for beginners so he can pratice folding paper. He even make a heart for me. 

He really enjoyed the activity na halos maubos na yung papel. This reminds me to buy origami book so he can practice more. 


  1. Honestly, ito lang ata ang di ko natutunan when I was a kid, aside from making bangkang papel at eroplano. I don't even know how to make an paper crane! Tsk tsk.

    Mhaan |

  2. My son Yuri enjoys playing origami din, nagpapabili din ng book, Hindi Rin kasi ako marunong how :) perfect past time for kids ito instead of gadget :)