June 19, 2017

3 Ways to Level Up your Career

It may sounds cliché but it is really true that learning doesn’t stop when you graduated from college. Continuous learning is a must to everyone, whatever career you are in.

I’m pretty sure that everyone wanted to accelerate their career; I don’t know anyone who is satisfied with entry level position for years. A lot of people I know are striving to move up the ladder, not only for a salary increase but also for personal achievement.

There are different ways to accelerate your career and sharing to you the things that I’ve learned through reading, my husband’s experience and example of successful people.

Manage your Career

Some people are waiting for their boss to send them to training and seminars. Stop waiting; take charge and manage your own career. Let us be realistic, your boss is overloaded with work and responsibilities so he or she may not have time to set your objectives or to coach you. You can create your own career development plan and let your boss review it for you.

Seek out Training and Education

If your company cannot provide training and seminar to enhance your skills and knowledge, take initiative to enroll yourself in night courses or weekend class. There are a lot of schools that offer this kind of class to help employees to improve their knowledge even with their busy schedules.

Get certificates that will help you in your career. Make your resume stand out and have an edge.

Learn to Invest

If you are going to take exams or get certifications, don’t be frugal and learn to invest. Invest in study materials or practice related guides that will help you pass the examinations. Study guides will give you a profound understanding of your course. You can choose study guides, questions and answers, video case study or audio exams. It is better to avail study materials than just rely on a book. 

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