February 23, 2018

Breakfast at Hill Station

Since my husband and his colleagues did not avail the buffet breakfast at The Manor, they dropped by at Hill Station. Hill Station is one of the popular restaurants in Baguio, it is located in Casa Vallejo Hotel. It offers dishes that blend 3 flavors, the taste of Asia, Old Europe, and New World America. So you don’t need to travel that far in order to taste some international dishes.

When you look at the outside, the place looks ordinary and small so my husband was really surprised when they entered the restaurant. Maganda and maluwag pala sa loob. The restaurant looks like a fine dining place but the foods are not that expensive but not cheap too.

For breakfast, he ordered Tapang Usa (Wild Deer) which includes 2 eggs, garlic rice, pickled cucumber. Taste is okay but he liked the carrot cake. Yes, they have cakes and pastries too.

This restaurant is located inside the hotel and it is near North Haven Spa and Mt Cloud Bookshop so pwedeng mag sidetrip after kumain.

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Hill Station 
Open everyday 7AM to 10:30PM
Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road
Baguio City, Philippines

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