February 07, 2018

Luz Kinilaw Place

Seda Abreeza Hotel is just across Abreeza Mall so when my husband told me that he will call me after dinner, I was expecting that they will just eat at the mall. But an hour had passed and I haven’t received any call. I asked him where he is and he replied “Taxi”. I was surprised so I called him. 

Me: Bakit ka nasa taxi? Akala ko magdinner lang kayo. 
Hubby: Dinner nga sa Luz Kinilaw. 

I’m a paranoid mom and paranoid wife so as much as possible ayaw ko siya lumalayo especially na ang dami nangyayari sa Mindanao. But he assured me na parang wala Martial Law sa Davao and dun din kumakain si Digong (President Duterte). I said, “May bodyguard yun noh! Ikaw wala”. 

Anyway, Luz Kinilaw Place has been in the food business for almost five decades, it is really popular that even Mayor Estrada and President Rodrigo Duterte already dined in this simple restaurant. My husband compared it to “Manokan Country.” in Bacolod, ganun daw ang ambiance. It is like a carinderia but it can accommodate a lot of customers.  

They are popular with their classic kinilaw and tuna na panga dish. My husband and his colleagues order Grilled Tuna and Tuna Eggs. I can’t believe na Tuna Egg yung isang dish, ganun kalaki egg ng tuna? 

Price is reasonable and sulit naman daw ang pagdayo nila. It is 15 minutes away from Seda Abreeza Hotel, it is near Magsaysay where they bought their pasalubong. So if you are a going to visit Davao, you can add this to your “Must Try Restaurant” or Where to Eat in Davao" list.

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Luz Kinilaw Inihaw Place 
Salmonan Quezon Blvd, 
Poblacion District, 
Davao City, Davao Del Sur


  1. Woah, nagulat ako ang dami! I'm craving right now for inihaw dahil sa photos mo, parang ayoko ng breakfast food hahaha. I remember eating grilled tuna sa resto dito sa Manila, but not that big. Fave ko ang tuna, lalo na sashimi!

  2. I love grilled seafood and tuna is my fave! Your photos are making me hungier. I knew it. I never should have blog hopped on an empty stomach! Haha. This looks like a very interesting dining place to visit. I will definitely find this if I ever find myself in Mindanao!

  3. Wow! Ang lalaki ng mga tuna panga at tuna egg. Nakakagutom! I remember first time ko kumain ng tuna panga sa Boracay sa Hoy! Panga! ang sarap, what more to, ang lakiiiii.

  4. Would love to visit Davao soon. Wag muna siguro ngayon, parang ginugulo kasi kaya takot ako. Paranoid din ako and I think you can never be too careful naman din talaga. Those look good ha! I want to eat!