September 27, 2018

Pasalubong from Thailand

Traveling is already costly so buying pasalubong for families and friends is an additional expense. My husband is a frequent traveler but we don’t expect him to buy pasalubong every time he has business trip. But of course, we’re happy if he has pasalubong especially those foods or things that are not available in the Philippines.

Thailand is not only known for temples, delicious foods, or shopping malls. They are also famous for being one of the affordable countries that you can visit. We had a chance to visit Bangkok Thailand last summer and I agree that Bangkok is not that expensive compared to other countries that we have visited in South East Asia so you can stretch your budget and buy some pasalubong.

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Bangkok is a popular shopping haven so I’m pretty sure even you don’t like to shop, you will visit at least one mall. You can buy souvenirs or pasalubong from malls, markets and even at the airport if you have no time. If you love giving pasalubong or if you just want to buy souvenirs from Thailand, here are some of the best things to buy in Thailand.

1. Tamarind  

We have tamarind here in the Philippines but tamarind in Thailand has more flavors. Yes, you can buy sweet, savory or even spicy tamarind. It is really a popular pasalubong, parang pag may pupunta sa Bangkok, expect na may tamarind na bitbit.

2. Dried Squid 

Just like tamarind, you can also buy dried squid and they also have different variants. We were able to try some of the delicacies because this was the pasalubong of my sister-in-law when she went to Bangkok few years ago.

3. Durian Chips 

When I was buying pasalubong in Bangkok, I always see Durian products but I did not mind it because I dislike durian. Naku, amoy pa lang niyan hindi ko na gusto. I even told my husband na wag na bibili ng durian candy pag galing sa Davao. Kasi nasasayang talaga at wala kumakain sa bahay and even sa family and friends namin, wala may gusto. hehehe!

Then few months ago, my friend said that she likes the Durian Chips in Thailand, masarap daw siya. So out of curiosity, I asked my husband to buy Durian Chips when he went back to Thailand last August. Since he has no time to go to the mall, he bought the chips at the airport. One pack is THB195 and to be honest I find it expensive for chips, parang Irvin Salted Egg Chips na ang mahal. So I was really hoping that I did not waste my money.

While my son was reviewing for his exams, I opened the Durian Chips and surprisingly, there is no bad smell and when I tried it, it tastes good. My son said, “I don’t like durian” but when he tried it, halos siya na umubos. The packaging said "No Cholesterol" and "Salty" but it is not salty and not oily so you will feel less guilty in eating chips. Now I know, why people like this so if you are going to Thailand, buy Durian Chips and you will be amazed because you won’t think that you are eating Durian.

4. Mango Sticky Rice 

They say that people will travel anywhere for good food, which is true because Mango Sticky Rice is one reason why I wanted to go back to Thailand. We have mango and sticky rice here in the Philippines but I love the mango sticky rice that I’ve eaten in Bangkok. I have tried the mango sticky rice in The Terrace Restaurant and from Robinsons Supermarket and both taste good.

And because it became my favorite, my husband buys me mango sticky rice if ever he had a chance like a layover or business trip in Thailand. He always buys at the Suvarnabhumi Airport so the price is a little bit higher, I think it ranges from THB180 to THB200. He only buys two packs because there is expiration so you cannot hoard. I eat it right away.

5. SIANG Oil 

Oil is one of the trends now so I’m pretty sure that your family or friends will appreciate SIANG pure oil. Honestly, I’m not familiar with this brand but I saw this when we went to the supermarket and when I was in the airport so I bought it. SIANG pure oil is used for pain, inflammation and insect bites. This is available in different packaging and I chose this one so you can bring it anywhere.

6. Lounge Pants and Silk Scarves 

As I’ve said before, Thailand is known as a shopping haven so you can’t help but visit malls and market. During our trip, we visited MBK Center where you can find affordable stuff so if you have time, visit this mall. You can see a lot of lounge pants with elephants print and silk scarves which is a good pasalubong. Jim Thompson House & Museum has a souvenir shop where you can buy silk scarves but expect the price is steep.

7. Namu Life SnailWhite Products 

While I was looking for souvenirs at Suvarnabhumi airport, I checked different stores and I even visited the pharmacy and I was surprised when I saw foreigners who are buying Namu Life SnailWhite products. I got curious kasi basket of SnailWhite talaga ang binibili nila, kung makahoard sila ganun na lang. I thought mura siya na pwede pampasalubong but when I checked the price and it is not cheap, pangmaharlika. lol

Then I just learned that Namu Life is a famous brand in Thailand and Snailwhite is a popular beauty product in their country. This beauty product is good for repairing and renovating aging skin. They have different products such as facial cream, sunscreen, body wash, facial mask, mist, and the whipp soap.

Just this month, Snail White Whipp Soap is already here in the Philippines. Yes, you can already buy this soap in Watson or online shop but dahil sikat pa siya, lagi sold out. I’m also curious about trying the soap, maybe next time. I will ask my husband to buy this for me baka mas mura sa Bangkok. :)

That’s my list, care to share your favorite pasalubong from Thailand.

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  1. nice...masarap....salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng blog ko sa 10 years...celebrating 10 years, Written Feelings....

  2. Mango sticky rice here. If you love mango sticky rice you should try Mango Tango and Mae Varee. They are my favourite in Bangkok. I'm going to Bangkok next month and I can't wait to eat there.

    Your blog looks really nice. Keep up the great work.