May 10, 2018

Glimpse of Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok, Thailand is the first country that I’ve set my foot on, it was our first layover when we went to Norway. We stayed in Don Mueang International Airport for more than 11 hours waiting for our flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Bangkok Airport was big compared to NAIA 1, thank God we did not get lost and we found the correct boarding gate. It was our first out of the country trip so everything was new to us. 

When the year 2017 came, I became busy preparing for our summer trip. I wanted to explore Bangkok so we decided to stay there for few days before flying to Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately, the available date from Bangkok to Oslo did not match our preferred date so we gave up our Bangkok, Thailand side trip. We just stayed at Suvarnabhumi Airport for our layover. Bangkok Airport is huge but we have no time to explore it because we always rushed to our boarding gate, we’re afraid to miss our connecting flight. 

Manila to Bangkok

Fast forward to last month, we were back in Bangkok, Thailand but this time it is no longer a stopover. Finally, I can say that I’ve been to Thailand, nakalabas na rin ko ng airport. Hehehe! 

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the 9th busiest airport in Asia and 20th busiest airport in the world and I can’t deny that because even the airport is big, you can see a lot of people there. And because of the flock of tourists, it will take you more than an hour to pass the Immigration. 

We’re thankful that there is Priority Lane in BKK airport so we did not wait that long. We got Premium Lane Pass from Manila to Bangkok and Bangkok to Manila. I will share more about this in a separate post. 

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We got our luggage in no time and I immediately searched for the Klook Counter so I can claim my 4G Sim Card. Looking for the counter is not easy even I have map and when I asked question, sa iba naman ko tinuro. Lol It was a relief when I saw the Klook Counter and Superrich Thailand so I was able to change my money to Thailand Baht. 

My husband thought I was lost sa tagal ko ba naman bumalik sa exit gate pero sa totoo lang ang layo ng nilakad ko para lang sa sim card. Then we went to Gate 5 to wait for the hotel pick-up service.

Bangkok to Manila 

After breakfast, we checked-out early for our 1:30PM flight. On the way to the airport, the rain started to fall and because of that, traffic is so bad. We did not worry because we know that we still have a lot of time to check-in. By the time we reached the airport, the check-in counter is not yet open. Oh di ba, ang aga pa talaga namin. 

We got a Premium Lane pass so we passed the Immigration immediately. We went straight to Miracle Lounge, my husband and son stayed at the lounge while I explored the Bangkok Airport. I don’t want to pay THB500 for extra person fee, idagdag ko na lang sa pasalubong. 

I checked their Duty Free Shops, I like how they named their shops, you can see Tastes of Thailand, Memories of Thailand, Touches of Thailand, and Scents of Thailand. It is easy for you to decide which shops you are going to visit. They also have a pharmacy at the airport, a lot of tourists are buying pasalubong there. 

I ate pizza before going to the boarding gate. By the time we reached the gate, we are just in time for boarding. Yey! Flight is on time! There is free wifi at the airport but I was not able to try it since I’m using my Thailand Sim Card with unlimited connection for 8 days. 

Just in case you have a long layover, you can also stay at Louis Tavern Hotel Dayrooms Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. Yes, there is room accommodation inside the airport. 

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  1. I like that there's an option of room accommodation via the Louis Tavern Hotel Dayrooms Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. I remember the film of Tom Hanks, the Terminal, and he just slept anywhere within the airport compound. It can be a real hassle.

  2. I have been to Bangkok once, but that was a long time ago. I was really amazed at how far they've come in terms of infrastructure and secretly wished we could have one like it here in Manila.

  3. The Suvarnabhumi Airport was really big based on your photos, I might just stay at Miracle Lounge baka mawala ako hehe! I also love how they name their Duty Free shops, super easy to identify.