October 27, 2018

3 Fun Family Outings to Try During Fall

Fall is a beautiful season when family members can spend time together and involve themselves in activities that help them bond. The colorful presentation of the season makes it fun to for most families. You can either choose indoor or outdoor activities, although either will provide you with the best moments.

During fall, there are lots of activities to try out that will cost you less as you enjoy the crisp, cool air. In case you decide to go for outdoor outings, here are 3 fun family outings that you should try out during this festive season.

Get Involved in Outdoor Games 

Make up a list of outdoor games that your family can participate in. Try flying kites as you breathe in the fresh fall air throughout the fields. In case you don’t have a large field you can fly kites in a local park.

A great game that most kids love is playing with leaves during fall. Rake a pile of colorful leaves and let your kids jump into a pile of freshly raked autumn leaves. This boosts their energy levels and makes it more fun.

Plan and join runs and short family races for charities that are available in your local area. Running is a great exercise for your body during this festive season and also allows you to spend time with other people.

You might also decide to make up your own game and apply some creativity as you enjoy. Ask your kids which games they would love to try out.

Go for an Outdoor Adventure 

You can either visit an apple orchard, sunflower or pumpkin farm or all depending on your availability. Take your kids to an orchard within your region where they will enjoy running around picking apples. You might also prefer taking them to sunflower farms to see the beautiful flowers as they bloom.

Some pumpkin farms have open autumn activities scheduled during fall. You can visit a local farm where you get to pick your pumpkins. These can also be stocked up on gourds and squash for crafts and cooking.

Attend the local pumpkin patch and spend time engaging in activities such as corn rides among others. You can also take pumpkins that you will carry back home for Halloween preparations. Locate a pumpkin patch in Escondido and have a fabulous time with your family.

Enjoy Camping 

If you are a lover of camping, you can enjoy family camping moments under the beautiful fall weather.  If you have kids that are too young to go camping, find a getaway to a cabin where you will enjoy fresh air and sweet sounds of nature. Light up a bonfire with the kids and enjoy roasting marshmallows on a cool day. You can also get involved in nature walks or drive around catching a glimpse of the beautiful fall colors all around you.

With so many fall activities available, you cannot miss more than five that will make your fall memorable. From the above-mentioned activities, you can also have crafts using fallen leaves such as leaf sewing craft; make a fall wreath that you can hang on your front door among others.

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