March 27, 2019

Food Trip and my Experience at Makati Medical Center

When I started working, Makati Medical Center is my go-to hospital if I need check-up or laboratory, para hindi na ko lalayo pa. After work, I just walked to the hospital before going home. Things changed when I resigned from my work and moved to South Luzon area. It took me almost a decade before going back to this hospital.

We frequent Makati Medical Center since last year because of my in-law’s confinement. I was surprised when I saw Makati Medical Center, ang laki na ng pinagbago niya. There are so many restaurants and food stalls where you can eat, drink or even buy take-outs or pasalubong if may dadalawin din kayo sa hospital. Parang St. Lukes BGC din pala siya na madami restaurants and ang problem mo lang is budget kung dito ka lagi kakain.

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Makati Medical Center Restaurants

Ground Floor

Cafe France
Dairy Queen
Cafe Mary Grace
Pizza Hut
Seattle’s Best

First Floor 

Burger King
Floating Island Restaurant
Krispy Kreme
Lavazza and Bakeshop

Second Floor 

Tapa King
Mini Stop

Third Floor 

Buco Loco
Go Salad
Dimsum ‘n Dumplings
Lulu Belle
Pancake House
Kitchen City Express
Country Style
El Nacho
Potato Corner

Just this week, we went back to Makati Medical Center for my laboratory test. I need to undergo some test and unfortunately, wala siya sa probinsiya so we searched kung saan may ganoong test and Makati Medical Center is one of the choices.

We liked the service of Makati Medical Center, parang asikasong-asikaso ka talaga from the time you enter and until you leave the hospital. Nacocompare ko siya nung naoperahan si hubby sa St Lukes BGC, parang hindi naman ganun ang service. I’m not saying na hindi okay service sa St Lukes BGC kasi good naman experience namin, pero sobrang alaga nga lang sa Makati Med. You can settle your bills inside your room, hinahatid ka hanggang sakayan and pati pillows nga pinauuwi sayo.

Anyway, we were in the hospital as early as 7:30AM and I waited for 8AM so I can get approval from my HMO. But I was advised that I need to schedule my ultrasound first before they can process it. Ganun pala dito, in other hospitals kasi approval muna bago nila i-schedule or gagawin.

So I went to the laboratory to make an appointment, I don’t have a record yet so I have to register. At first, they are giving me next day schedule but I asked them if they can give me slot today and the staff asked me kung nakafasting na ba ko? And I said “Yes”. Fortunately, she gave me an 11AM slot, so more or less three hours of fasting pa.

Burger King

Imagine, hindi pa ko pwede kumain tapos ang mga nakapaligid sa akin puro kainan but I have no choice, ayaw ko na bumalik pa. So while waiting I went to Burger King to buy some snacks for my two boys. Nakikiamoy na lang ko ng food, pero at least pwede ako uminom ng water. In some test kasi pati water bawal uminom.

Floating Island Restaurant

After 3 hours of waiting, my labtest is done and I can finally eat. We had lunch at Floating Island Restaurant, a Filipino restaurant inside Makati Medical Center. Upon seated, they immediately gave us the menu, they have a lot of choices so I just looked for the Menu of the Day that I’ve seen outside. Meron dun blackboard where you can see the “Menu of the Day”.

We ordered Bangus Belly with Ampalaya over Rice P185+, Pininyahang Manok sa Gata over Rice P185+ and Pork BBQ with Garlic Fried Rice P195+. Food taste is good, each serving is more than enough to fill your stomach. Service is fast and good too.


  1. Buti pa sa Makati med mura food. Sa asian, 300 pesos isang ulam!

    1. May mura sa Asian yung "The Cafeteria by Chef Florabel" :)