March 15, 2019

The Top Kitchen Appliances to Have At Home for Entertaining Guests

The best way to make your guests feel welcome is by offering him or her food or drinks. As a host, you need to make sure that you prepare delicious food on time. Making food can be quite exhausting, especially if it is for a large group of visitors. It would help if you considered buying some kitchen appliances that will help in the quick preparation of food. Go for the automated appliances, and you will not need any chef skills to prepare those tasty delicacies for your guests. This article highlights some of the kitchen appliances every household should have:

1) An Espresso Machine 

Freshly brewed coffee is one of the best beverages to offer your guests. With an espresso machine, you can easily prepare 5 to 9 cups, which is enough for a small group of guests. This affordable appliance goes for $80 to $650, depending on its features. Depending on the brand, espresso machines could be quite durable. Some require minimal maintenance. If you are not sure of the one to buy you can check out reviews of the best at home espresso machines from reputable platforms to help you make a quick, informed decision.

2) A Beverage Refrigerator 

You may have a standard refrigerator in your kitchen. However, the best place to store your drinks is in a beverage refrigerator. It keeps your drinks cooler and thanks to its small size its lower on energy consumption costs. Also, this unit is designed to hold cans and bottles s your drinks are intact. It keeps drinks at 30 degree, which is the perfect temperature to offer guests on hot days. This unit also makes the best place to store drinks for a party since it has a large capacity.

3) An Electric Food Steamer 

The electric food steamer is a healthier way to prepare food since the nutrients are retained. This is good for guests with a dietary preference for steamed food. There are steamers with more than one compartment so you can make different foods at once. Also, you can set different cook times and temperature for each compartment.

4) A Pizza Oven 

Instead of ordering pre-cooked meals, surprise your guest with a DIY pizza. This appliance is better than using your oven since you do not have to wait for it to preheat. If your guest visits on short notice, it will save you some time since it prepares pizza fast. Also, it spreads the heat evenly. Therefore, every part will cook. With this appliance, you will not need a pan saving you time that would have been spent cleaning.

5) An Electric Kettle 

If you are making soup, pasta, or tea, you will need hot water. An electric kettle is an appliance that quickly boils water. Most kettles can boil one and a half liters of water in less than two minutes. It comes with a jug where you pour the amount of water you want to be boiled. You then plug it in and turn it on. These appliances are smart in that they automatically switch off when the water boils. This appliance is a real time saver and requires little effort.

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