September 28, 2020

We Got Free Meals; Thanks to National G Day!

Almost two weeks ago, I received an email from Globe that they are giving me 400 points. At first, I did not mind it but when I learned that the 400 points will expire on October 1, 2020, napacheck ako bigla. I browsed the different options where we can use our Globe Rewards, so we can use it for Zalora, Lazada, McDonald, Jollibee, Krispy Kreme, Shoor, GCash Insurance, and raffles.

If you still remember, I blogged about How to Donate your Globe Rewards Points last March wherein we donated our expiring points. So for the past several years, we used our points for free movies, shopping, donations, and this time, we used it to redeem Digital Vouchers. Since March, hindi pa kami nakakapagfastfood meals, parang bigla ko namiss ang Jollibee and McDonald.

I have 443 points while my husband has 1145 points, we have a total of 1588 points to spend on food. Yehey! We can redeem in Krispy Kreme, McDonald, and Jollibee but the Krispy Kreme branch is too far so hindi ko na sinama sa list ko. Here are the options for food.


78 points - 1 pc Chickenjoy
52 points - 1 Spaghetti
12 points - 1 Vanila Twirl


75 points - McCrispy Fillet with Rice Small Meal
66 points - Cheeseburger
31 points - Hot Fudge

Last March, there is a limit of 3 per day so I was surprised that now they increase the limit to 5 per day. Since my husband will be claiming the food, I tried to SEND A GIFT but I cannot use my FREE 400 Points pala sa GIFT so I just redeemed na lang and pinadala ko na lang phone ko kay hubby pag nagclaim siya ng food.

Inubos ko na points namin para hindi masayang. Last year, we were not able to use our FREE points, hindi ko kasi alam na may expiration date. Nagulat na lang ako na nawala na yung points as app, so lesson learned, read the fine prints. Hehehe! Anyway, we were able to claim some of our meals na. I’m so happy with our free meals, libre na hindi pa ko napagod sa pagluto.

First free meals at Jollibee, my husband was able to claim 3 chickenjoy, 3 spaghetti, and 3 vanilla twirl.

Second free meals at McDonald, since we are a family of three, we need to claim 9 foods but unfortunately, sa McDonald, they only allow 3 transactions per day so 3 for my husband and 3 for my account. We only claimed 3 McCrispy Fillet, 2 Sundae, and 1 Cheeseburger.

Last weekend, when my husband was out for errands, he claimed 3 cheeseburgers for our merienda. We still have chickenjoy, McCrispy Fillet, and sundae digital vouchers. The code is valid until December 15, 2020 (McDonald) and March 1, 2021 (Jollibee). Redeeming a digital voucher is easy because you can do this on Globe Rewards App. Choose your rewards, click redeem and confirm, then you will receive a text message from 4438 and 8080.


  1. Napasilip din tuloy ako sa Globe rewards, alam ko nadonate ko na lahat yung points ko, now I have 900+ points ulet, 400 of which expiring nga. If you browse sa baba, meron silang mga free subsciptions din, nakakatuwa! Pati Shaw Academy meron sila free for 3-months!

    1. From April, may nacollect ka na ulit + yung free points na binigay nila. Sayang yung 400 kung mag-expire lang.