April 07, 2013

The Croods and How to Redeem Globe Rewards Points

Last Friday, after getting my son’s school card, books, grooming kit and other stuff that he left in school we went to ATC to watch a movie. My husband was on leave and he has expiring points in Globe Rewards so we need to use it. After so many years, now lang niya gagamitin ang points niya, sayang ang mga expired points.

We used to redeem free movie, popcorn and drinks using our Smart Reward Points but here in Globe Rewards, we don’t know how to redeem the points so we just approached the staff and tinuro niya ito.

1 point = 1 peso:  since we only have 440+ points, I add P100+ to get 3 tickets. #notbad

We already watched "It Takes a Man and a Woman" last week so this time “The Croods”. The story looks boring at first but don’t worry this is an entertaining and touching movie. It is a story of a family who is afraid to explore and accept new things. An overprotective father who learned how to let go, explore and take a risk. 

How to Redeem Globe Rewards

Since I don't have enough points, I only use my points for rebates. 

1. Log-in to your Online Globe Account

2. Click Loyalty and Rewards.
3. Choose from the list of rewards. In my case, I always redeem BR100 or BR50. Rebates of P100 or P50 on my bill.
4. Add to cart and Click continue.
5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click Continue
6. Click  Continue to check-out


  1. good morning! hahaha! aga ng post... sayang talaga mga points na yan, if I knew it earlier, sana nagamit ko na yung iba dati pa.. lahat lang nageexpire.

    good to see your family bonding... at least now, di maiinip si ethan dahil animated movie/cartoons na pinanood nyo, di na si john lloyd. hahaha!

    1. oo nga, di rin kasi pinapansin ni hubby yang mga text ni globe. sayang! oo, naenjoy na niya ito di tulad nung kay JL at SG. hehehe!

  2. How does Ethan behave in the cinema? I'm still thinking about bringing my daughter (3.5yrs) to watch a movie because I'm not so sure if she'll behave and enjoy the movie.

    1. It depends on the movie, pag ayaw niya, tayo ng tayo at nagyayaya ng lumabas. hehehe!