October 08, 2020

12th Birthday

Time passes quickly and I cannot imagine that my son is already 12 years old. Next year, I already have a teenager. Woah! In a span of several months, a lot has been changed. My son is now taller than me, though hindi naman mahirap iachieve iyon but I am happy na hindi siya nagmana ng height sa akin. Hehehe! His voice changed already, parang namimiss ko yung maliit at matining niyang boses. We enjoyed rewatching his videos nung bata pa siya nga kahit naiinis siya pag pinapanood namin, parang hiyang-hiya siya sa mga ginagawa niya dati.

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I wish I could stop the time so he will be forever my baby but I also appreciate that he is growing and maturing na, especially this community quarantine and we are stuck at home. My son can do more household chores and he can study on his own. I thought mahihirapan ako this online class kasi baka ending ako rin ang magturo. But I’m glad, kaya na niya and if may questions man, nandito rin si hubby para magturo. How I wish, work from home na si hubby lagi. And because of that, I can still work part-time kahit nagstart na yung school year.

As expected, no travel, no hotel staycation, and no food trip because of community quarantine. So for my son’s birthday, naggrill lang kami ulit like nung birthday celebration ko. My son just wanted a lechen flan but I told my husband to buy a cake. Hubby bought Salted Caramel Cake P895 and Leche Flan P195 from Contis

The Salted Caramel Cake is a layered cake of butterscotch brownies, vanilla sponge cake, cream, dulce de leche, and ground cookies. It was our first time trying this cake, my two boys love this but I find it too sweet, ewan ko hinahanap ko yung lasa ng “Salted caramel” parang matamis lahat e. hehehe! Anyway, we all love Contis Leche Flan, one of our favorites na rin ito ever since nung natry namin, early this year. 

And for my 3rd Cricut Project, I made a “happy birthday cake topper”. I just downloaded a SVG file from Pinterest, uploaded it to Cricut Design Space and Cut. Good thing that I have a free gold cardboard stock so I used it, pero mas okay sana kung may glitter card ako. But it turned out great naman, I like this better than the first “happy birthday cake topper”, kasi mas bagay yung size sa cake.

For gifts, my son just wanted a power bank. Oh di ba, binata na talaga, mga panggadget na ang request. Since my mom gifted him money, he asked his daddy to buy a Nintendo Switch game na multi-player daw. He listed 4 games and hubby bought the “Arms” game. Ang mahal ng Nintendo games noh?

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