October 19, 2020

Buko Pie in Tagaytay

Buko pie or coconut pie is considered a specialty of Los BaƱos, Laguna so my ex-boyfriend now husband used to buy this as a pasalubong whenever he visits me. LDR ang peg namin before because I worked in Makati and he worked in Laguna. But he stopped buying this because I told him that I am not fond of buko pie.

When my late grandmother moved to Victoria, Laguna, we always visit her every month. For those seven years of monthly visits, we always pass different stores of Buko Pie and minsan kahit sa daan meron nagbebenta. I think mabibilang ko lang sa daliri ang nabili ko na buko pie, I tried several brands na rin and sa tagal hindi ko na maalala lasa nila. Hehehe!

Cecilia’s Buco Pie 

Last month, my husband went out and came back with a box of buko pie. Mainit-init pa nga ito nung binigay sa kanya, ang sarap sana kainin kaso busog na kami sa dinner. When I checked the box, it is from Tagaytay so I was surprised kasi akala ko puro Buko Tart kapag sa Tagaytay. 

The following day, my husband sliced and reheated this in the oven toaster so I was not able to take a picture of the whole pie. Looking at the slice, hindi tinipid sa ingredients. As I’ve said before, buko pie is not my favorite but I still enjoyed this one. My husband and son love this, yung anak ko na hindi naman mahilig sa mga ganyan na food pero mas marami pa nakain sa akin. 

Speaking of Tagaytay, the last time we went here was January 2 and after that, nagkaashfall and then community quarantine na. Tagaytay is already open for tourism but unfortunately, my son is not allowed to go out yet, sana naman by December pwede na mamasyal. 

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