May 12, 2021

How to Return Your Shopee Order

I’ve been into online shopping since the last quarter of the year and I appreciate it so much especially now that I’m stuck at home because of community quarantine. Buying things that I need and want at the comfort of my home is such a blessing and feeling ko kahit magback to normal na lahat, hindi na mawawala ang online shopping sa akin. Kasi mas madali magbrowse kaysa maglakad sa mall. 

But of course, there are pros and cons in buying online and I have not so good experiences too like missing items, wrong products, an order was not received, and faulty products. Some sellers refunded me for the missing items, one seller did not respond when I informed them about the wrong product, and just recently, I received a faulty product. I bought this Motex Tape Dispenser because it was recommended by fellow crafters, I watched videos and read reviews so I was sold. In short, nabudol ako so add to cart and check out agad. 

The item arrived in good condition but when I tried the tape dispenser, it can only cut the scotch tape and I was expecting that it can cut various tapes like masking tape. Kasi yun naman ang nakita ko sa videos and sa mga photos ng nagrecommend. So I informed the seller about it and I was advised to use manual cutting. But what is the use of buying the item if I will still use the manual cutting? I already have a lot of manual tape dispensers at home. And the main reason why I bought the item is I thought this will make my life easier since it can cut multiple tapes. 

The seller advised me to return the item and will refund me. I was having second thoughts about returning the item because hassle na lumabas pa but the amount is PHP600 so sayang din. It was my first time to return/refund an item so I made some research and I also asked customer service about this. Let me share my experience in returning a faulty product at Shopee. 

First, if you want to return or refund an item, make sure that these conditions are met. Personal items, perishable goods, grocery items, jewelry, used makeup, and adult products are prohibited. It also depends on where you purchased the product. I was lucky that the seller accepted the product return.

Refund Only or Return and Refund 

1. Did not receive an order
2. Received an incomplete product 
3. Received a wrong product 
4. Received a product with physical damage 
5. Received a faulty product 

How to Return/Refund Your Shopee Order 

1. File your return or refund via app. 

Go to Me, select To Receive, then tap the order that you want to return or refund. 
Choose the product that you want to refund or return. 
Select Return or Refund reason. 
Add photo 
Explanation on description

2. Wait for the seller to respond to your refund or return request. Once approved, you will receive the money on your Shopee Pay. For returns, you need to process how you are going to return the item. You have two options:

A. Drop Off 
B. Self-Arrange (pay the fee and Shopee will reimburse the amount) 

I chose to drop it off since it is FREE and I don’t need to pay a courier. After approval, shipping and select Drop Off (J&T Express), click the View Instructions, I emailed and downloaded my Return Label. I printed my label and packed the item. Buti na lang hindi ko sinisira talaga mga packaging so I was able to reuse the original packaging, dinagdagan ko pa ng mas makapal na bubble wrap. I also printed a FRAGILE sticker to make sure na maayos makakarating din yung return product ko.

3. Go to the nearest J&T Express Branch. Make sure that the branch accepts Shopee Returns, may malapit sa amin pero hindi naman sila nag-aaccept ng returns so nagpunta kami sa ibang branch. 

4. At the J&T Express Branch, the staff just checked my printed label and advised me to attach the label and use their packaging tape. After that pinaiwan na sa akin. 

5. Upload the photos of the airway bill and package at the Discuss. 

6. The following day, my parcel was delivered already and the seller refunded me within the day. 

I was thankful that my Shopee Return went smooth and hindi naman nakakastress. 

May 9 - I received my order and tried it. 
Request for return/refund
Printed the label and fragile stickers
Packed the item 
May 10 - Drop off my package at J&T Branch 
May 11 - Parcel was delivered back to the seller. 
The seller approved my return/refund and the amount was returned to my Shopee Pay 

You can check these links for more information 

Things to remember:
Keep the original packaging of the package you want to return, if not packaged properly, J&T may reject your parcel. 
J&T provides free pouches and packaging tapes at the branch.
Make sure to ship out the item within 5 days.

Update: March 2023

There are times that I no longer file a return because if I know that my expense is over than my refund, huwag na lang. But just this week, nasa mood ako magreturn kahit alam ko na hassle, sayang sa oras at baka mas mahal pa transportation expense ko kung magcommute ako. 

Actually, I don't understand why the seller wanted me to return the product because some sellers just give refunds if they knew that product is damaged, defective, or faulty kasi itatapon din naman nila. But seller wanted me to return it before giving me a refund so I asked my husband kung pwede niya ko samahan magreturn para hindi na ko magcommute. 

I filed for a return kahit PHP120 lang. This is an Americana Pearlizing Medium if you notice, watery na ito and nanigas na yung shimmer which is dapat walang clear liquid na makikita so feeling ko expired. 

Anyway, I am updating this post because I was surprised when Shopee refunded me even though my returned parcel is still on the way. As in, same day na nabigay kay J&T yung returned parcel, narefund na agad. Yung first experience ko kasi before naghintay pa ako makarating kay seller yung returned item bago ako narefund. 

How to Return/Refund Your Shopee Order 

1. File your return or refund via app
2. Choose Drop Off or Self Arrange

I chose drop off, so I packed the item and print my own waybill para pagdating sa J&T branch, iiwan ko na lang. 

*View your J&T Drop Off Return Label
* Go to the nearest J&T Express Branch
*Attach the Label and Drop Off the Parecel

Then after dinner, I was surprised when I received a notification "Refund Completed". Your item is being delivered to the seller. The refund amount will be credited to your ShopeePay shortly. 

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