May 05, 2021

My Online Shopping Experience at Amazon USA

I don’t like what is happening in the world, I don’t like that I can’t travel and I don’t like that I’m stuck at home. My everyday life seems like a routine and until now my life revolves around the four corners of our house because of the community quarantine. But instead of sulking and focusing on the things that I can’t do, I wanted to stay positive and try to see the good things in everything. 

“Being positive isn’t pretending that everything is good. It’s seeing the good in everything” 

I may not like this global pandemic but I cannot deny that because of this community quarantine, I learned to appreciate online shopping, you can read more about that in this post “My Love and Hate Relationship with Online Shopping”. It was six months ago when I started my online shopping at Lazada and Shopee, these two eCommerce sites totally changed my shopping perspective. Indeed, shopping is cheaper than therapy. 

After trying Lazada and Shopee, I finally took a risk and bought something from Amazon USA. For the last several years, I’ve been buying ebooks from Amazon but I haven’t tried buying physical products because the shipping fee is so expensive and I don’t want unexpected taxes and fees. But after searching and reading some articles, I finally placed my order last month. 

I’ve been meaning to buy Cricut Easy Press Mini and Cricut Brayer, but most of the time not available in the Philippines and if ever meron ako makita, almost double the price. I am tempted to do “Pasabuy” but when I checked Amazon USA, these Cricut items can be delivered straight to my house so I don’t need to use a third party anymore. It was on SALE too. 

I ordered the following 

Shipping & Handling $21.97 
Total before tax: $93.05 
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00 

I added the card game to maximize my shipping fee. Amazon did not charge any taxes and fees for my order and since my order is below PHP10,000, I don’t need to pay taxes and fees in the Philippines. The expected delivery is May 17 so I was really surprised when my order was delivered after a week. 

April 19 - placed my order 
April 20 - my package was shipped 
April 28 - received my order 

The packaging was simple, no bubble wrap but all items arrived in good condition. I am so happy with my order kasi ang laki ng savings ko. If I will buy this in the Philippines, the Cricut Easy Press Mini range from PHP4,500 to PHP6,000, and the Cricut Brayer range from PHP800 to PHP950 excluding the shipping. My total order in Amazon was more or less PHP4,500. 

My first Amazon order was a success and I told my husband about it. He said “Kinakabahan ako, mas marami mabibili sa Amazon”. I told him, “Why go local if I can go global” hehehe! I still have several items on my wishlist so I need more part-time jobs para macheck-out ko. :) 

Update: May 2021

As I mentioned before, I have several items in my cart so after Mother's Day I finally bought some of them. Thanks to my husband's shopping money gift. lol. I bought 3 items to maximize the shipping fee but after few hours, I was surprised when I received a message from my credit card company. I was charged $27.95. That is not the total amount that I was expecting so when I checked my email. They will ship one item only which is Cricut Easy 12x12 EasyPress, Protective Resistant Mat for $17.86. I got nervous because I thought that the 2 items were canceled and I thought that I need to pay for another shipping for the remaining two items. 

I immediately contacted customer service about it and I was informed that I don't need to worry about the shipping fee because I will still pay the same amount. True enough, the following day the 2 items were shipped and there was no additional shipping cost. 

May 13, 2021 - I placed  my order
May 14, 2021 - One item was shipped from New York
May 15, 2021 - Two items were shipped from New Jersey
May 20, 2021 - I received the first item. Nakabox 
May 21, 2021 - I received the remaining items. Nakaenvelope lang and nilagay ni LBC sa plastic. 

May note sa first package ko na "We've sent this part of your order to ensure quicker service. The other items will be separately at no additional shipping cost"

The second package "This shipment completes your order"

Ordered the following items because it is not available in the Philippines. 

Shipping & Handling $24.11
Total before tax $65.95

First shipment is $27.95
Second shipment is $38
Total is still $65.95


  1. thank you for sharing. I would like to know if the voltage can be used here in the Philippines as I also want to buy cricut machine in amazon.

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, I have to use a transformer for my Cricut Easy Mini Press. I have no idea about the voltage of Cricut Machine since my husband bought my machine at Bee Happy Craft.