May 19, 2021

How I Cook My Chicken Karaage

My son loves fried chicken and chicken nuggets. During pre-pandemic days, chicken nugget is always part of my grocery list because that is one of his favorite baon. It is so easy to prepare, I just toast the nuggets in the oven toaster for few minutes. I know, that it is not healthy but what can I do, mga breakfast meals ang gusto niya kainin sa lunch sa school. 

But last year, I stopped buying nuggets since he no longer goes to school, online distance learning na. The day before my quarantined birthday, I bought this Chicken Karaage Set at Ninja’s Pantry (PHP350 for 300g). The pack contains marinated chicken and breading mix so all I need to do is drain, coat and fry. My son loves the chicken karaage but I don’t want to order na kasi mahal magpaGRAB since I live outside Metro Manila. 

So I just made my own version of Chicken Karaage using chicken fillet, salt, pepper, lemon or calamansi juice, Crispy Fry breading mix, and cornstarch. I marinated the chicken fillet with salt, pepper, and lemon or calamansi juice. Then I mixed Crispy Fry breading mix and cornstarch then coat the chicken. Lastly, deep fry the chicken for few minutes or until golden brown. 

I love cooking Chicken Karaage compared to Fried Chicken because I don’t need to precook it anymore. And it doesn’t take so much space sa freezer, whenever I buy chicken fillet kasi, dinidivide ko siya in few portions so may mga ready-to-cook chicken na rin ako na stock. Although, if you will ask my son, though he enjoys my chicken karaage. he still likes chicken nuggets. Waah! Akala ko graduate na kami sa nuggets.  

Update: July 2021

I’m now into online shopping ever since I discovered it last year. And because of that, I started buying groceries online. There are frozen foods that I want to buy but unfortunately, they don’t deliver outside Metro Manila so I was happy when I learned that San Miguel Frozen and Chilled can deliver to my address. 

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I’ve been following their store for quite a while but I was hesitant to order because the shipping fee is expensive and there is no way for me to track my order since they have their own logistics. I’ve been reading reviews so far so good naman so last 7.7 Sale, I finally ordered from their store.

I received my order after two days and all products are in good condition. Frozen pa nung dumating. One of the foods that I ordered is Chicken Karaage for PHP250 (450g). Though I can make my own chicken karaage, I still buy ready-to-eat foods or easy-to-cook meals so I can prepare food even I am busy. 

Last week, I cooked this Purefoods Chicken Karaage and Knorr Gravy Mix, you have two options to cook this; one is deep fry in hot cooking oil for 4 to 5 minutes or toast for 8-10 minutes in an oven toaster. I already have an air fryer so I toast it for 10 minutes. We’re satisfied with this chicken karaage and I will include this in my grocery list next time.

Update: August 2021

I cooked this again but I have no time to thaw the chicken so I put them in the air fryer even it is frozen. I just increase my time to 15 minutes and so far, the same result. 


  1. I do not have an air fryer and I do not want to fry it in oil. Can I use an oven and cook it for 8-10 minutes, too?

    1. Yes, you can cook this using oven toaster or deep fry on cooking oil (instructions on the packaging). I used oven toaster for my chicken nuggets before when I still don't have air fryer.