August 26, 2021

Lessons from Move to Heaven

I’ve first seen Tang Joong Sang in Crash landing on You drama which is one of the highest-rated dramas in South Korea. He is part of Captain Ri’s North Korean soldiers. One year after, he already got a leading role in the Move to Heaven series. It is a Netflix original series but I did not mind this because I don’t like heavy-drama series. But after watching Tang Joong-Sang’s Racket Boys, out of curiosity, I started watching Move to Heaven. 

This is number 122 on my Korean drama series list. Move to Heaven is the name of the business of Han-Jeong-U and Han Geu-Ru, they are trauma cleaners who help people in cleaning and sorting out the belongings of the deceased. I have no idea that there is such thing as trauma cleaners and I don’t know if we have this kind of service in the Philippines. 

But all I know is, this is a sad reality that we need to face after the wake and interment. Cleaning, organizing, and disposing of the things that our loved ones left behind is a challenge. It is an emotional process where we feel sad and happy at the same time. The pieces of memories that we remember and stay alive in our minds and hearts. 

Going back to the story, Han-Jeong-U died and left Han Geu-Ru who has Asperger syndrome to his long-lost uncle Cho Sang-gu. An ex-convict became Geu-Ru's guardian and helper in running the trauma cleaning company. Move to Heaven is not an ordinary trauma cleaning business because they don’t just clean but they also solve some issues of their deceased clients. They believe that things that were left behind can still tell stories and these things help them to uncover and discover the truth. 

This series has only 10 episodes but it is full of lessons about family, friendship, life, and death. I have so many realizations after watching Move to Heaven. 

1. It confirmed that material things mean nothing. You can’t really bring your treasures to heaven. And shockingly, after the trauma cleaners clean the space, the important things were kept in just a small yellow box. 

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:19-21 

2. How sad and lonely to die alone with no family members who will organize your funeral. No one even visits you in the wake. Actually, this happened to some people especially now that we are experiencing a global pandemic because of COVID19. 

“There’s no greater misfortune than dying alone” - Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

3. I love how Namu supports and protects Han Geu-Ru. A true friend that is hard to find. 

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.” 

4. We all go through loss but we have our own way to deal with our griefs and mournings. Some people will take weeks, months, years, and even forever to heal. Whether we like it or not it is a reality that we cannot escape from, we just need to accept and learn to let go. 

“Our grief is a measure of the affection we had and still have for those that have gone to rest in the arms of the Lord. It is the last act of love we can show to those whom we loved but have departed from us.” - Unknown 

Ending this post with some of my favorite lines in Move to Heaven

"Although you can't see someone, it doesn't mean they're not with you. As long as you remember, they are not gone" 

“Even for the deceased, we can still hear their voice” 

“I was told not to say carelessly when you don’t know their story” 

“Dad says what makes a good person is how they try to understand others, not how they talk”

“Since I met you, for the first time, I want to live for tomorrow. I want to be a braver man than I was yesterday all because of you. I don’t want to hide anymore like a coward. I’ll never let go of your hand till I die”

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