August 20, 2021

Homemade Cheeseburgers

Since I am not fond of food deliveries, I will just cook the fastfood meals that I am craving at home. My malunggay pandesal was a hit so this month I prepared cheeseburgers for our merienda but this time, I made my own burger patty. I just mixed ground beef, salt, egg, and flour and cooked them in Air Fryer again. 380F for 10 minutes.

But my patty shrunk so it looks too small for our burger bun. My husband was expecting that it will look like a Cheese Whopper of Burger King but I told him, it is Angel’s Burger. Hehehe! 

Para makabawi naman, I made another homemade cheeseburger using the Chef’s Selection Value Beef Burger Patties that I used for the malunggay pandessal. For a change, I fried the burger patty on the pan so it will fit my burger bun. I’m trying to copy the Bacon Mushroom Melt of Wendy’s so I put burger patty, bacon and mozzarella cheese then toast it in the oven toaster until cheese melts. 

Sayang, wala lang ako mushroom but my burger looks presentable now compared before so lesson learned, I will just fry my burger patty. If I will use the air fryer, it will take me a lot of time since it can only fit 2-3 burger patties. 

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