August 25, 2021

My 3D Birthday Cake Topper

My first project using my Cricut Maker was my birthday cake topper last year. Since then, I try to explore different materials and projects. So far, I’ve done a few cake toppers already using acrylic, cardstocks, glitter cardstock, and vinyl stickers. I’ve been meaning to try 3D Birthday Cake Topper so last week, I finally made my first layered cake topper. 

For this project, I only use the sweet decorative font “Nimaly” and the classic font “Braveold”. I attach and weld the two fonts and create different offset layers. Since it was my first time doing it, it was a challenge to choose colors so I wasted a few materials before I finished this gold birthday cake topper. I used a glossy gold vinyl sticker, black cardstock, and gold glitter cardstock.   

The following day, I decided to change my birthday cake topper because I felt sad with my color combination and my husband was teasing me, golden birthday ko daw ba? So I just followed the purple colors of the Love Cynthia Happy Numbers which I printed and cut using a glossy sticker. 

At first, I used a glossy purple vinyl sticker and white cardstock but I changed my mind and decided to print the first layer so I can do a 3D Birthday Cake Topper. For a change, I used a foam sticker in between the cardstocks. I am happy with my improved version of my cake topper.

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