March 18, 2022

Asian Box

Two weeks had passed since I updated this blog, my last blog post is about our Day 3 in Oslo Norway and now I’m back in Norway. I forgot to blog about Asian Box because for the past two weeks I got preoccupied preparing for our Norway trip and by the time we arrived, I’m still adjusting with our new schedule. With all the happenings and events these past two weeks, I don’t know where will I start. 

I mentioned before that we stayed at Cochs Pensjonat so we also saved money on food because we cooked our own food. So Asian Box is the only restaurant that we’ve tried in Oslo Norway. Asian Box started its business on April 15, 2016, it is the first Asian restaurant inspired by Asian street food. This restaurant serves Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Korean and other flavors from all over Asia with a crossover to French Cuisine. 

The restaurant has two floors with urban design and the second floor is perfect for small or large parties. We stayed at the first floor and upon seated, the staff gave us the menu. There are few choices so my husband ordered Tom Kha Ghai and the rest of us ordered Pork Belly and extra rice. 

Tom Kha Ghai is a “fresh Thai soup with chicken, park choi, galangal, mushroom, coconut milk, lemon and lime leaves”. 

Pork Belly is “braised thin ribs that have been marinated in 5 spice sand garlic for 3 days, then slow-cooked. Topped with coriander, spring onions and sauce. Served with stir-fried vegetables and rice”. 

They aimed to serve simple and balanced meal but at the same time aesthetic. And looking at the food and after eating our meal, I can definitely say that they have achieved that. After our lunch, we went back to our hotel to pack our things, end of our Scandinavian Trip.

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