March 28, 2022

National Waffle Day in Norway

National Waffle Day was originated in Sweden, it started with the religious celebration which is the Vårfrudagen meaning Our Lady’s Day or Feast of Annunciation. If you say it fast, the word Vårfrudagen is similar to våffeldagen meaning waffle day. Maybe because of mispronunciation, over time, the Swedes started celebrating the Feast of Annunciation by eating waffles. Then the religious celebration is now popular as Waffle Day. 

This tradition is also celebrated in other Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark every March 25. This is also spread to other counties too and it became a worldwide sensation. India celebrates it in July and United States celebrates it in August. 

Every country makes and eats waffles in different ways, I love waffles and I like them with Nutella or Cream Cheese + Whipped Cream. Sometimes I add jam and a scoop of ice cream. I already have my own waffle maker but I like the heart-shaped waffle maker in Norway so I asked my mom to buy one for me and I got it this year. 

Little did I know that after several weeks, I would be flying to Norway again and be able to celebrate National Waffle Day. Typical Norwegians, eat waffles with sour cream, jam, brown cheese, and savory toppings. Honestly, we really did not plan it, it just so happened that my mom decided to make waffles because we have leftover kremfløte. She knew that we liked waffles with whipped cream. 

After eating our waffles, she found out that last Friday was National Waffle Day. Since eating waffles is common here in Norway, you can find recipes even on TINE milk cartons. 

Vaffel or Waffle Recipe 

4dl hvetemel (wheat flour) 
1 ts bakepulver (baking powder) 
1/2 ts natron (baking soda) 
1 dl sukker (sugar) 
1 ts vaniljesukker (vanilla sugar) 
1 ts malt kardemomme (cardamom) 
1/2 ts salt I dl TINE Helmelk (whole milk) 
3dl TINE Kulturmjølk (cultured milk) 
2dl TINE Lettrømme (light cream) 
2 egg 100g TINE Meierismør (dairy butter)

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