April 18, 2022

4 Days in Oslo Norway with Kid

Over five years ago whenever I asked my Mom when are we going to Røros, Norway, she always says “sa Easter” so in my mind we will leave on Easter Sunday. But I was wrong, ang dami pala Easter dito sa Norway, from Saturday until Monday, Easter ang tawag nila. 

Thurs = Maundy Thursday 
Fri = Good Friday 
Sat = Easter Saturday 
Sun = Easter Sunday 
Mon = Easter Monday 

Easter in Norway is almost a week-long holiday so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to take off from their work and spend their entire Holy Week with their friends and family by visiting their mountain cabins or traveling abroad. This means that shopping malls and restaurants’ offers are limited, half of the restaurants in Oslo will be closed and the majority of the shops are closed. So when I was planning for our Oslo Norway trip, I made sure that we will be in Oslo before Maundy Thursday. 

Day 1 in Oslo Norway 

Our 5 Days in Stockholm Sweden have finally come to an end. On our fifth day in Stockholm, we woke up early for our morning train ride. There are so many ways to travel from Stockholm to Oslo, you can choose bus, train, airplane or drive your own car. We chose the SJ train because the central station is already in the city so less travel time. In fact, we just walk from Generator Stockholm to Stockholm Central Station, it is a long walk but doable if you want to save on transportation. 

Walking to the train station with luggage is not a problem because it was early morning so there were no people and the road was not busy yet. We had breakfast at McDonalds and went to our boarding gate. There are limited chairs so no need to be really early. Travel time is more or less 6 hours so we had our lunch on the train too. 

We took a taxi from Oslo Central Station to Cochs Pensjonat since it is 1.7km away. This was our accommodation for 4 days and 3 nights. Even though this hotel is already old, I like this accommodation because of the strategic location, it is near the train station, tourist spots, cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and even supermarkets. 

Since we have our own kitchenette, kitchenware, and fridge, we were able to save money on food. After check-in, we dashed to REMA to buy our food, drinks, and some pasalubong since my husband will be going back to the Philippines already after our Oslo Trip. Keep in mind that stores in Norway are closed on Sundays and holidays. After grocery, we prepared for dinner and rested so we have energy for our DIY Walking Tour in Oslo. 

Day 2 in Oslo Norway 

When I was planning this Scandinavian Trip, I planned to purchase Oslo Pass so we can save money but after our experience with Stockholm Pass and when I learned that not all attractions and museums will be open on Easter, I decided not to avail of the Oslo Pass. But this doesn’t mean that we did not enjoy our trip because there are still tourist spots that we can visit and we chose the FREE tourist spots. Hehehe! I mentioned before that our accommodation is near Royal Palace so that was our first stop for our walking tour. 

Day 2 Itinerary 

The Royal Palace Park 
The Royal Palace 
Karl Johans Gate 
University of Oslo Building 
National Theater 
Oslo Cathedral 
Oslo Central Station 
Oslo Opera House 
Akershus Castle 
Akershus Fortress 

Day 3 in Norway 

Our third day is another walking tour, we just planned to visit Vigeland Sculpture Park but since we still have the energy to walk, we visited other tourist spots. We had late lunch at Asian Box

Day 3 Itinerary 

Frogner Park 
Vigeland Sculpture Park 
Oslo City Hall 
Nobel Peace Center 
Aker Brygge Wharf 

Day 4 Oslo Central Station to Trondheim Central Station 

Last day in Oslo and vacation is already over, my husband will travel back to the Philippines while my son and I will stay in my mom’s place. You can travel to Trondheim from Oslo via air, sea, land, and rail. We usually travel by plane but for a change, we chose the train so we don’t need to ride different transportations. If we chose an airplane, we still need to ride a train, plane, and bus just to reach the Ferry Boat Terminal. 

Travel time is 7 hours but I have no regrets because if you travel by train, no check-in is needed, and no luggage allowance. The train ride is more comfortable and relaxing because you have more legroom and you can enjoy the scenery. Our train ride is like a feast in the eyes, Oslo to Trondheim is indeed a scenic journey. So if you are not in a hurry, try riding a train too so you will enjoy Norway’s nature. 

Our Scandinavian Trip has finally come to an end and I was glad that we were able to pursue this trip. This was our first time traveling to 3 countries in one trip and our longest family vacation so far. I am thankful for the experience because I don’t know when we can do it again. 

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