May 11, 2017

Trip to Røros Norway

Røros is one of the popular tourist spots in Norway, you can reach this via car, train, bus, and plane depending on your location. It took us more than 6 hours just to reach Røros. We travel by road, sea and railroad.

Car - Ørland to Vanvikan 
Boat - Vanvikan to Trondheim 
Train - Trondheim to Røros 

My mom lives in Ørland Kommune so going to other places is not that easy because you always have to consider the schedule of the ferry boat. As I mentioned in my previous post, Ørland is almost surrounded by water such as Norwegian sea, Trondheimsfjord and Stjørnfjord so most of the time people need to travel by boat to reach other places. It is either a passenger boat or RoRo. I guess, it is like living in Visayas, if you want to go to other provinces you need to ride boat or airplane.

There are different seaports within the area so you just need to check their schedule. When we went to Røros last Holy Week, we left as early as 6AM so we can catch the 8AM ferry boat in Vanvikan port. It is more than one hour drive from the house but we did not notice it because of the beautiful scenery.

Watch the video here.

We can ride the ferry boat in Ørland too but just to be safe, we went to Vanvikan para hindi kami magahol sa oras. From Vanvikan port, we ride the ferry boat to Trondheim, travel time is less than 30 minutes.

Ørland to Trondheim is 1 hour ride
Vanvikan to Trondheim is 25 minutes

From the port, we walked to the Trondheim train station. It is a long walk especially if you have luggage with you. We waited at the lobby then at 9:20AM we went to the boarding station for our 9:45AM train ride.

We rode trains in other countries but this is our first train ride in Europe so I’m a little bit excited. My mom only bought the standard ticket so we don't have a table at the middle. If you want coffee, there is a small coffee vending machine inside the train.

Travel time from Trondheim to Røros is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The travel time is so long but I enjoyed the ride because of the stunning view, ang ganda talaga, pangpost card. Habang tumatagal, paputi ng paputi ang daanan.

Watch the video here.

 Finally, we reached Røros train station. From here, we just walked to our holiday apartment.

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The following day, we took the 4:30PM train ride. At Trondheim seaport, we rode the ferry boat going to Ørland, the travel time is one hour. Then my stepdad and sister picked us up at the port.

Train - Røros to Trondheim 
Boat - Trondheim to Ørland 
Car - Ørland to home


  1. I wish we could go to these places too. The port and their trains look so modern. Kelan pa kaya magiging ganyan ang pinas?

  2. Grabe sis, I'm in love with Norway already! With your Norway post series, talagang feeling ko nakavisit na din ako, charot! haha. Pero un totoo, I had a glimpse talaga of what Norway is and how majestic this place is. Ang ganda! ♥

  3. Loving your pictures as always, but the pictures of Norway's roads here just take my breath away! Sana my feet will be taken there someday, too, lol!

  4. Looks like the place is so clean. I could imagine people there are so disciplined talaga. But more than anything, I appreciate you sharing with us your trip to Norway. Haven't been to the place but somehow you gave us a beautiful glimpse of the place.

  5. Norway looks like such a beautiful country. I can imagine the views you had during your train ride. I bet they are Instagram-worthy. :)

  6. Instagrammable! One of my bucketlist is to travel around the globe with my family. You're starting to made me love Norway *sigh*

  7. Your trip is well-prepared. I am just curious what is more particular in Roros, Norway which you claim as one of the tourist sport in the said place?