April 21, 2022

Short Korean Drama Series List

I have a lot of unfinished Korean drama series right now and I don’t know if I will continue watching them. Sometimes I feel that I only wasted my time watching several episodes and then suddenly stop because I no longer want the flow of the story. When this happens, I switch to Korean movies, Korean travel variety shows, or Japanese drama series. 

“I can’t recycle wasted time” so before starting a new series, I always check how many episodes or how long per episode. I am having second thoughts if I see that there are so many episodes. So recently, I started searching for short Korean drama series that I can watch in one sitting or I can finish during the weekend (max. 8 hours). I’ve only watched a few series so far because it is a challenge to find short drama series on Netflix so sometimes I have to search on other websites. 

1. My First First Love 1
2. My First First Love 2
3. You Drive Me Crazy 
4. Love Alarm 1
5. D.P. 
6. The Silent Sea
7. Soundtrack #1 
8. One More Time 
9. A Hymn of Death 

Among these series, I like "You Drive Me Crazy" and "Soundtrack #1", both stories are about friends turning into lovers.

10. Pachinko
11. The Sound of Magic
12. Seven First Kisses
13. The Boy Next Door
14. We Broke Up
15. One Sunny Day

16. Queen of the Ring
17. Secret Queen Makers
18. Last-Minute Romance
19. Welcome to Wedding Hell
20. Once Upon a Small Town
21. The Island
22. Birthcare Center
23. The Fabulous

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