February 23, 2021

My Korean Movies List

For the past few years, I’ve been watching a lot of Korean drama series and as of this writing, I’ve already watched 103 Korean dramas, not including the unfinished series. After I hit my 100, I had a hard time looking for a good series to binge-watch. I started some series but I lost interest and I don’t know if I will still continue to watch them. 

And because of that, I started exploring Korean movies. The first two Korean movies that I watched are “A Moment to Remember” and Miracle in Cell No. 7, these were already old movies. As far as I know, I am not addicted to kdrama yet when I watched these movies. Both movies are tear-jerkers and they are worth watching. 

When I started watching the drama series, I watched the “Fabricated City” movie because I learned that Ji Chang Wook is part of this movie. Then just this year, I finished watching Space Sweepers, Extreme Jobs and My Girlfriend is an Agent. I’m still searching for good movies but some are not available on Netflix.

1. A Moment to Remember 
2. Miracle in Cell No. 7 
3. Fabricated City 
4. 200 Pounds Beauty
5. Okja


6. Space Sweepers 
7. Extreme Jobs 
8. My Girlfriend is an Agent 
9. Tune in for Love
10. The Bros
11. Pandora
12. One Day
13. Sweet and Sour 
14. Crazy Romance
15. On Your Wedding Day
16. Always
17. Be With You
18. Love + Sling
19. Luck - Key
20. Flu
21. My New Sassy Girl
22. Finding Mr. Destiny
23. The Princess and the Matchmaker
24. Kim Ji Young Born 1982
25. Whatcha Wearin?
26. Hit and Run Squad
27. Tunnel
28. Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong
29. Collectors

So let us see if I will hit 100 Korean Movies too. Care to share your favorite Korean Movies? 

“I just like sitting at home, chilling and watching a movie” - Niall Horan


30. Alive
31. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure
32. Parasite
33. Train to Busan
34. Midnight Runners
35. 20th Century Girl 


36. Ultimate Oppa
37. 6/45
38. My Love, My Bride
39. The Last Princess
40. Take Off
41. Confidential Assignment 2
42. Kill Boksoon
43. Commitment
44. Dream
45. My Paparotti


46. The Princess and the Matchmaker
47. My Name is Loh Kiwan

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