May 19, 2022

17th of May Celebration in Norway During COVID19

It’s been more than two years of dealing with COVID19 but I’m glad that we are starting to go back to normal. We’re still in Norway so we were able to experience the 17th of May and I was so happy because we were part of it again. For the last two years, Norway was not able to celebrate or follow its old traditions because of corona restrictions. Fortunately, last May 17, 2022 they were back to their regular program, they have events from morning until evening. 

Since the last week of April, the weather is not good so we rarely go out of the house. Seeing Mr. Sun again makes me happy and I’m thankful for the good weather. And because of that, we were able to watch the children’s parade at the Sentrum, though the parade lasted only 10 minutes compared to our previous experiences. 

It is nice to see their National Costumes; the clothes, shoes, and accessories are not cheap, para na ko bumili ng second-hand car sa Pilipinas sa sobrang mahal. You can check my old posts about Norway National Day, here and here.

We always celebrate the 17th of May at home but two days ago, my aunt invited us to have lunch at her home. We did not cook any meal and my mom just brought pavlova dessert. May 17th is not complete without Pavlova, this is one of my favorite desserts here in Norway. We enjoyed our food trip at my aunt’s place, though nabitin lang because we need to go home early kasi may pasok pa kami ng midnight, need to sleep early.

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