May 29, 2022

Thai Thai: All Day Buffet Restaurant

We’ve been here in Norway for almost three months already and one of the things that I really miss is Filipino food. I can cook Filipino dishes but the taste is not the same, maybe because I’m using different ingredients since not all are available. There is no longer Asian Market here and the nearest one is in Trondheim City. 

Several weeks ago, my aunt invited us to go with her to Orkanger and we gladly accepted the invitation because the last time that we went there, we only visited the hospital. At least, this time we visited one of the malls in Orkanger which is COOP Mega so iba na ang ambiance. 

We had early lunch at Thai Thai restaurant, which is an all-day buffet restaurant that serves hot dishes, salad, appetizers, sushi, and desserts. Thai food mostly used chili, ginger, galanga, coriander, lemongrass, lime leaves, garlic, fish sauce, mussel sauce, and sweet hot chili sauce. There are rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, and fruits. 

Even though this is not Filipino cuisine, I’m still happy because it is still Asian cuisine #riceislife. We’ve been to Bangkok, Thailand before so I know that they have a lot of spicy dishes so even though there were several dishes on the buffet spread, I have to skip the spicy food. Available drinks are coffee, tea, and water. 

Thai Thai restaurant has different branches in Norway, you can find their restaurant in City Barn, Trondheim Torg, Ålesund, Kristiansand, Orkanger, Namsos, and Steinkjer. All Day Buffet Price may vary depending on the branch and time. 

All Day Dining from 10:00 to 14:00 

City Barn, Trondheim Torg, Ålesund & Kristiansand 229NOK 
Orkanger, Namsos & Steinkjer 209NOK 

All Day Dining from 14:00 to 19:00 (17:00) 

City Barn, Trondheim Torg, Ålesund & Kristiansand 249NOK 
Orkanger, Namsos & Steinkjer 229NOK 

Thai Box

If you are not a fan of buffets, you can order Ala carte dishes or Thai Box, for the Thai box, you can pick and mix your own cup from the buffet spread and you pay for your food per hectogram (100g). 

Dine In: 32NOK per 100 g 
Take Out: 29NOK per 100g 

But since we want to try different dishes, we always avail the buffet meals. For Trondheim branches, they offer catering dishes too. 

Thai Thai Orkanger 

We had early lunch so the buffet spread is not yet complete so we just ate whatever is available. And we will just go back again to check if there are new dishes already, at least bagong luto pa. Hehehe! The only downside of the Orkanger branch is they don’t serve soup so maybe that is the reason why they have different rates too. Anyway, my son and I still enjoy our first Thai Thai buffet experience. The rate is reasonable already because it is an unlimited meal for two hours. 

Thai Thai Trondheim Torg 

Last week, we had a Walking Tour in Trondheim City so we had a chance to eat at Thai Thai restaurant in Trondheim Torg. Some food dishes are quite similar in Orkanger branch but this time, we have soup. It is just a plain soup where you can put your own ingredients like noodles, chicken, shrimp, vegetables and etc. 

The restaurant has a “Clean as you go” policy so don’t forget to clear your table before leaving. Anyway, if ever you are craving Asian meals in Norway, visit Thai Thai restaurant. 

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