May 25, 2022

Walking Tour in Trondheim Norway

We’ve been to Trondheim several times already because this is the second nearest airport to my mom’s place. Unfortunately, we usually just passed by so we haven’t really explored the city. Though there are already a few times when we visited some tourist attractions in Trondheim. 

The first one is when I was still in High School, my mom’s cousin lives in Trondheim so she invited us to stay in their house and she toured us around Trondheim pero sa sobrang tagal, the only thing that I can remember is Royal Residence and Tyholttårnet. Tyholt Tower is a 126-meter tall radio tower and it is currently the tallest building in Norway that was built in 1985. It has an observation deck and a revolving restaurant at an altitude of 81 meters. A complete revolution is every hour. 

The second one is when my husband is flying back to the Philippines so before he rode the bus to the airport, we had a quick tour of Trondheim city. You can check my Day Trip in Trondheim blog post to see the different tourist attractions that we have visited even for a limited time. 

For the past several weeks, I’ve been contemplating revisiting Kristiansund, Oslo, or Trondheim but the weather is not cooperating because, since the last week of April, the weather is either cloudy with flurries or rainy so even we wanted to travel to different places we can’t go out. I was already losing hope so I gave up on planning but God is good because out of the blue, my mom received a message that she has a doctor’s appointment in Trondheim so we had reason to go to Trondheim. Yey!

Walking Tour in Trondheim Norway 

We left the house around 7AM to catch the 7:30AM Ferry Boat Trip from Brekstad Hurtigbåtterminal to Trondheim Hurtigbåtterminal (Ferry Boat Terminal). Travel time is more than an hour because of the two stopovers at Hasselvika and Lensvik. The ticket price is Adult NOK277 and Student 129NOK. 

We started our walking tour at Trondheim Ferry Boat Terminal and we went straight to Nidaros Cathedral. Five years ago, we visited this cathedral but we were not able to enter because it was already closed, check the opening hours below so you can plan your trip. 

Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 14:00 
Saturday - 9:00 to 13:00 
Sunday - 13:00 to 16:00 

Nidaros Cathedral 

You can purchase the ticket at the Visitor Center, which is also a gift shop and cafe. There are three attractions that you can visit within the area, Nidaros Cathedral, The Crown Regalia,  and The Archbishop’s Palace Museum. You can purchase a single ticket or a combined ticket. It was past 9AM so we only purchased the Nidaros Cathedral because the two attractions are still closed, and the opening time is 11:00AM. The staff informed us that if we go back and plan to visit the two other attractions, she will just upgrade our ticket to a combined ticket. 

Ticket Prices 

Single Ticket 
Adult 120NOK 
Child/Student 60NOK 
Family 300NOK 

Combined Ticket 
Adult 240NOK 
Child/Student 120NOK 
Family 600NOK 

Note: Family Ticket is good for 2 adults and 3 children under the age of 16. 

The staff gave us a map with tasks that we can solve to find the place where St. Olav was buried in 1030. Guided tours are available from June to August, you can choose from 4 languages; Norwegian, English, German or French. Since it was an impromptu visit, I have no idea that we need to book a guided tour in advance since our trip is outside the main season. Also, we were not able to climb the tower because it is not summer season yet. 

Anyway, we are still happy to be able to visit Nidaros Cathedral. It is the biggest church in Norway and the world’s northernmost gothic cathedral. This is an important pilgrimage site too. Do you know that this cathedral started as a wooden chapel that was built on the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking King who became the patron saint of Norway? 

Note: You can get a Trondheim City Map at the Visitor Center. 

NTNU Vitenskapmuseet or Trondheim Museum of Natural History 

Our next stop is NTNU Vitenskapmuseet or Trondheim Museum of Natural History, this museum exhibits archaeology, natural history, and cultural history. It is located in the Gunnerushuset building.

Ticket Price 

Adult 120NOK 
Children 6-16/Students/Seniors (67+) 70NOK 
Family (a group with children and adults (max of 5 people) 325NOK 
Groups (10 people or more) when purchased together 110/60NOK 
Children under 6, students with teachers, individuals assisting people with disabilities, and ICOM, ECSITE, Norges Museumforbund - FREE 

Opening Hours 

Monday: Closed 
Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 to 16:00 
Saturday to Sunday - 11:00 to 16:00 

The staff gave us a paper to give us an idea of what we can see inside the museum. They have exhibits for Mid-Norway’s Prehistory, Science on the edge of the word, Nature and Environment, The Man in the Well, The Amazing Forest, Wolf, The Ark, and Comb Jellies. 

Middelalder i Trondheim or Trondheim Medieval Museum 

The staff also informed us that we can visit the Trondheim Medieval Museum located in Suhmhuset, a few minutes walk from the Trondheim Museum of Natural History. We just showed our receipt when we entered the building. 

This museum will give you an idea of how Norwegians lived in Trondheim way back 800 years ago. You can see their house, buildings, vessels, shopping street, archeological objects, and Viking age objects.

Trondheim Torg 

It was time for lunch so we went to Trondheim Torg, the largest shopping center in Trondheim. We are Asians so we had lunch at Thai Thai restaurant. It is an all-day buffet restaurant that offers Asian meals. They have different branches in Norway and so far we ate at Orkanger and Trondheim branches, I will blog about this in a separate post. 

Olav Tryggvason Statue 

After lunch, we continue our walking tour, and just outside the Trondheim Torg, at the center of the city square, you will see the 18meter statue of Olav Tryggvason, it was a sculpture to honor him as the king and founder of the city. It also serves as a gigantic sundial which is calibrated to UTC +1. It is so high that it is hard to take a picture. 

Stiftsgården or Royal Residence 

From the statue, you can already see the Stiftsgården or Royal Residence in Trondheim. It was built in 1774 and has 140 rooms that houses royalty and their guests since 1800. This is considered the largest wooden building in Scandinavia. 


From the Royal Residence, you can walk until you reach the end of Munkegata. It is where you can find Ravnkloa, this is Trondheim’s center for trading fish and shellfish. At the square, you can find an amphitheater, Nils Aas sculpture “The Last Viking” and a copy of the old Ravnklo clock. This is also the port if you want to visit Munkholmen. 


Munkholmen is a historic island in the Trondheimsfjord which is popular for excursions in summer. This has been used as a courthouse, fortress, defense facility, monastery, and prison. Unfortunately, it was still closed during our visit so hanggang tingin na lang ako. Hehehe! 


This is a spot where you can see the Bakke Bridge, Gamle Bybro, and the colorful wharves, warehouses, and boathouses lined on both sides of the Nidelva River. The most photogenic area in Trondheim.

Vitensenteret or Trondheim Science Center 

Within the area, you can find Vitensenteret or Trondheim Science Center. It is the place for learning Science and Technology. You can experiment with many exciting models and visit Norway’s first and only 3D planetarium. We did not enter this museum anymore and just went to Byhaven Mall. 

Byhaven Mall 

Another shopping center in Trondheim, this is where we kill our time while waiting for our next boat trip. Actually, we can explore Trondheim City until evening because the last boat trip is at 21:00 but my son has online classes at midnight so we need to go home before 6PM. We need to rest and sleep. 

Despite the limited time again, we're thankful for blessing us with good weather during our trip. 

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