March 28, 2023

The Song

Just this week we watched “The Song” movie, an American romantic drama film in 2014. The film was inspired by the book Song of Songs and Solomon’s Life. The story is about Jed King; a struggling musician and son of successful country music legend, David King. 

At a festival, he met Rose, the daughter of a vineyard owner. He fell in love, married her, and wrote a song about her wife. This song became an instrument to his stardom but because of his fame, it affected his marriage and life choices. 

I like this song, it can be a wedding song too. 

The Song (Awaken Love) by Alan Powell 

I'd been waiting on you to come along 
Seeing notes on a page but not the song 
Had a hole in my heart and a pain so strong 
Only a woman like you could take me on 

There's a plan for us, a hand divine 
The waiting was worth it now you're my wife 
We've been taking our time and doing this right 
But tonight I'm not gonna just kiss you good night 

You, the song my heart sings 
Awake love I want you to know we're making love 
Deeper than our bodies you are written on my soul 
 You're eyes like the dawn you are beauty 
The touch of your skin consumes me 
You shine like the sun pure and lovely 

Set me as a seal upon your heart 
O love stronger than death 
Flashes of fire with purest desire 
No waters will get quench 
Awaken love awaken love 
No riches or power appeal 
All will find they are truly alive 
In Love as it was meant to be 
This is love as it was meant to be

Love is the power that heals 
Love is the power that heals

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