March 20, 2023

Unfinished Korean Drama Series

As of this writing, I already finished 179 Korean drama series and I also have a long list of unfinished Korean drama series. I am creating this post so that before starting a new series, I can look at this list and check if my interest has changed already. Kung nasa mood na ba ko ulit ituloy. 

My brain can’t remember all of these series so having a list is important. #signsofaging I hope this list won't be long, dapat mas mabawasan. :)

A Witch's Love Epi 7 
Beauty Inside Epi 2
Cafe Minamdang Epi 3
Coffee Prince Epi 7 
Dali & Cocky Prince Epi 5
Dear My Friends Epi 8 
Doctor Prisoner Epi 7 
Do You Like Brahms Epi 4
Faith Epi 5 
Forest Epi 14
Gaus Electronics Epi 7
Hotel Del Luna Epi 7 
Hospital Playlist Season 2 Epi 4 
I Have a Lover Epi 12 
Little Women Epi 2
Numbers Epi 7
One Spring Night Epi 5 
Queen for 7 Days Epi 9 
Red Sleeve Epi 8 
Run On Epi 6 
School 2017 Epi 3 
She Would Never Know Epi 1
Strong Girl Nam Soon Epi 6
Summer Strike Epi 10
Tale of the Nine-Tailed Epi 2
The Worst of Evil Epi 6
Thirty-Nine Epi 6 
Tomorrow Epi 3
Unlock My Boss Epi 1
Vagabond Epi 4
Wirst of Evil Epi 6
Youth of May Epi 3

Let me know which series is worth watching. 

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